Why People Love To See Others Fail At Life

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People like to see you fall and fail at life.

Misery loves company as they say.

Whatever is most dominant or current is what people usually filter for.

Let’s say someone is currently depressed they will want you to reflect the same suffering and depression that they too suffer from.

Sometimes the opposite is true, some people try to make others happy because they are secretly miserable, but this is extremely rare.

It is more true to see people enjoy other suffering because they to are suffering.

It is very glorifying to the ego and one’s perception of self to be better than other people and to watch people to fail.

Because if other people succeed than it makes the I/EGO reflect into themselves and wonder what is wrong with them they can’t be winning or be doing just as well.

This is why you see a lot of sore losers and salty people running around in the world.

They come from a state of lack, scarcity, competition and they can only think within the means of their own box.

Which is a survival mentality.

People who move into abundance actually love to see others win because as others win more they will also win more.

This is also very beneficial for ones’ reputation when you are helping other succeed which provides testimony and means you can get authority on a certain subject.

Because people want answers to their problems not more drama or more problems on top of the problems they are experiencing.

They want someone to help guide them out of their pressing questions and to lead them to a better state of existence.

When you help others you will get the benefits of improving your reputation online/offline.

If you do wrong, people will talk, and people always talk, only in this case people will talk negatively about you which will ruin your reputation, cost you money, etc.

Which is why doing wrong never fails maybe in the short term but never in the long run.

Most criminals eventually get caught.

The thing people tend to fail to realize because of their primal instincts is that we can all win in our respective areas of our  lives, we don’t have to take gratification in seeing others fail for our personal ego. Which doesn’t really benefit us anyways. Others doing well multiplies the abundance of the universe. So even on a logical level it is better for more people to be doing well.

But, obviously with our competitive nature we want to win more, win first, which is fine and dandy so long as it doesn’t ruin your relationships.

A lot of relationships are ruined because competition and ego.

The ego is a three letter word that kills relationships.

Many people think of being better or lesser than about things that are trivial.

Some people are good at XYZ and some are not good at XYZ.

It doesn’t mean you are failure if you can’t do math, but you are a great writer, or a great plumber.

Everyone has different talents and everyone can excel in their respective talents.

Sadly, you see the ego kick in at everyone stage of the game because everyone is trying to feel superior which leads to the death of those relationships.

So even when people win on an egoic level their relationships don’t last very long.

Because you cannot win at the cost of someone’s happiness.

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