Brilliant Secrets On How TO Awaken Your Kundalini (collections)

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Today’s article is a collection of tips and strategies on How To Awaken Kundalini I’ve gained over the week. Over the week I’ve had a burst of spiritual insight. By far the best last few weeks I’ve had spiritually. I am talking astral projections, lucid dreaming, kundalini dances, flying UFOs, Egyptian pyramids, discovering the pillars of reality, and much more. To say I have experienced everything I ever wanted to experience in the last few weeks is underestimate. Below is a quick summary of the insights I’ve gained during my spiritual adventures. These insights will be brief and to the point. It can be challenging to remember all the information during these psychic adventures.

Kundalini Tips

Stretch out your bodies*, your multiple layer bodies, work on the many different parts of your body for better health. Stretching out your body/bodies will greatly enhance your chakra and energy points. Chakras is essentially energy points.
Mudras- Help you focus a point, also helps to send lifeforce energy.
Chants- Helps you open your lifeflow, focus on a point, and more. 
Colors – Rainbow is universe, white is good, or the any of the 7 RGBOW. Love is the color of rainbow. Everything is love. Love is rainbow. Money is rainbow. Gold is rainbow. Appreciate that energy. Everything is love, light, vibration.

Animals Visualization: Imagine these animal parts in your body.

Snake Lessons: Snake is about healing, creative, sexual energy, shedding one’s self.

Simply imagine there is a snake in your belly area.
Coils from the belly.
Healing effects.
Snake is creative
Snake is sexual
Sexual is lifeforce

Goat Lessons: Goat is about being present in the moment, and horny. It’s about going in without a single thought. Goat is a powerful animal because it teaches us how to be present, focus, and congruent without a single care in the world. Pretend you are replacing your face with goat like attributes and physical features.

Imagine a goal face fully extended
Imagine a goal with antlers
Imagine a goat ears
Imagine a goal nose


Eagle/Owl/Bird/: Birds are swift, has the ability to fly,

Imagine having bird feet or eagle feet. Another one is imagine to imagine you have goat feed in a somewhat U shape.

Kundalini and 7 Locked Seals

There was a point where I was drawing some kind of art for kundalini to help release the seal of the root chakra. From my understanding there are 7 seals which need to be unlocked to awaken the ancient god within. We were once as the Gods then some entity seal our chakras which made us regular humans. Atleast that’s how the theory goes. 

In this part, I was trying to open the 7 locked seals to help me awaken a godlier form. It(spirit) had me various of things. Multiple stretches, visualizing in my mind, drawing multiple art work, and a wide range of other visualizations to get a energy point.

The Sphere and left and right pillar!!!

Multiple ways we can display this. This is a powerful ancient truth they don’t want you to know. It’s actually a sort of forbidden truth. Let’s pretend the real you is in a dark room, there is a sphere and two pillars. More accurately, four pillars(or maybe even more). The card shows 2 pillars because it’s in 1D.  There are four candles(or more) representing North, South, West, East, Up, Down, Left, Right, Fire, Water, Air, Earth. These are points you must connect together. For more clues, look up hermetic tree of life.

The main idea is the real you is in some room and what we think about controls our reality. Then our physical dimension is changed depending on what we input there. You can think of our world as a virtual reality. Or you can think of it as a boardgame (in heaven) and our physical world is the pieces that moves around according to what stuff what we put in.

Something to note, everything has a color, vibration, a sigil, you must input in the right command to materialize the right stuff. Now, this is real alchemy on a super advanced level, which I won’t touch upon too much here.

The two pictures believe the high priestess tarot card, the devil tarot card, the lover tarot card reveal to you the secret room. When you ponder on your meditations think of these pictures. Buy yourself a tarot deck to enhance your intuition and help you grow spiritually. The tarot is not just a divination tool, a psychic reading tool, it’s a map of the soul for spiritual advancement. Once more, think of life as board game.

Image result for high priestess tarot - Gerardo Morillo

High Priestess Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot Card and Lover Tarot Card - Gerardo Morillo

The Devil Tarot Card and Lover Tarot Card

To finish this of. Pretend you are in a room and there is a egyption triangle somewhere in the center (or prism if you want), two pillars(or candles to your left and right), as well as the other points of the room. Think you are in a 3d room. Everything is 3d, but it gets converted into some type of light energy in this realm. Too advance for me to explain here. Anyways, four pillars up, down, left, right, focus your attention on the 45 degree point in the room. How do you know if you are doing it right? If you cross your eyes then you are doing it correctly.

The next piece, I am actually still trying to solve myself. From what I understand you have to aim up at the 45 degree point, while holding everything else. In theory, there is an invisible room in your mind or door, and you have to go look for it. When you find it the pineal gland will open up or something to that affect. As I said, I understand the theory, but, have not been able to find this door myself. It is very much like like aligning all the coordinates in one way, very much like a perfect angle.

Clean Your Mouth?

At one point of consciousness my mouth kept moving on its own and it seem like it need some sort of cleaning or something. So I punched my mouth several times. I also, put a broccoli in various parts of my mouth. I also put a broccoli deep in my throat(psychically).  Results? Energy cleaning in this area.

Affirmations and Colors

The strategy here is to send the affirmation to the energy points and then send the color. Mix-match a bit. Imagine orange being sent to your sacral area. Try imagining an orange hurricane in your center, around. Either going in your mind or at a target location.

I am Truth. I am Light.

I am safe – red – send to root 

Kundalini and Breathing

Breathing greatly increases your kundalini. Breath in deeply, then focus on a point, breathe out deeply. There are thousands of breathing combos you can make, so this will need to be brief.

Breath #2: Fire Breath

First before we dive into this…

What is the Pineal Gland?

The pineal gland is the most fascinating piece of the whole human body. Esoteric, magicians, spirituals, live and breathe the pineal gland? Why? Because when you open your pineal you will gain more psychic powers, greater intuitions, ability to talk to spirits, see and hear the invisible, greater ability to visualize, and more.

Breathe in then breathe out your pineal gland. Pretend you have a real third eye in your middle of your forehead, and exhale at that point. This will increase blood flow to this point and you will have more blood which means your pineal gland will open up more and more.

How To Perform Fire Breath? Once, more, breath normally then exhale from your forehead in the center. You will know when you find it.

How to Masturbate for Kundalini

For Men?

Stroke, try to sync breath,then push with your mind-body forward.

Pretend like you have multiple bodies and you are thrusting all of them. Experiment a bit. The intent is to rise your sexual energy.

Imagine a women butt and then do the same thing in her butt.Push the motion forward as far as and as you can.You want to rise up your own energy. Also, at the point of the penis try to aim it upwards.

Is masturbation bad for kundalini? Depends…”Ideally,” you don’t release your semen for better life and davinci level genius. However, you can practice a few important exercises with visualizing, and learning how to release the flow of energy in a way that will greatly benefit you spiritually.

For women? 

Imagine a giant dick in several points and imagine you are putting the dick in your mouth. Then, continue to suck, and suck, in various invisible points in your body. Imagine a penis going inside your vagina and ACTUALIZE IT and HOLD that image. See your favorite God or Hero putting it so deep inside your vagina, it has you screaming for pleasure. You are now screaming and you want more, and the dick is just going further into you and you just don’t want it to end.

Don’t like dicks? No problems, alternatively, you can use candles, or temples, or any stick if you will. Or you can imagine the 1(dick) going inside your 0(vagina). Many scientist believe this world is mathematics. And 1 is penis and 0 is vagina.

Enlightenment lesson:

One big enlightenment lesson here is you can pleasure yourself without the need for other people. Because everything you need to be “happy” or bliss is already inside yourself. Which means you don’t “need” anyone or anything to help you provide for your needs. And this is wonderful because you can satisfy all your needs by ownself. This is a BIG theme of enlightenment. You can take of your own needs on your own because you control your reality and everything you want “them” for you can do own your own.

Note: Am I saying you don’t need others. No, others are helpful in providing insight, and also help you see your own flaws. They are like a mirror, they help you see you in ways you can’t yourself.

Kundalini, Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

Relax, pretend like you are turning off your mind-body. Pretend like you are allowing yourself to be possessed by some entity who wants to eat your brains! Okay, kidding, but you get the idea. Pretend like you allowing an alien to take over your body do this for 30 minutes to 60 minutes and or more.

During this trip, I seen a goat flying on a UFO, and it was red flames flying the root chakra. There was a ball sphere and fire was shooting underneath it. 

This one was trippy as hell. I seen the goat flying on some UFO, there was a sphere, and red flames shooting from underneath it. Then, I automatically enter a pose(by itself) it was like slowmo holding onto the walls then moving left and right. This part was super fun! It was like literally flying yet my body was still intact.

Deep down in my meditations I discovered what seems to be these seals that is blocking something or someone. I suppose you could say its “God,” yet I am not sure how it really looks like. It doesn’t matter per se, as you can use your own imagination to make it be anything. However, what I seen is two things in theory, it was a goat women or a goat god that was locked up.

From what I understand, we come from this source, and this is our Divine Mother, or Divine Father, or whatever. Once more, this is a theory, I got up there in the space world, but it was hard to really extra the wisdom. 

Further more, a lot of what I was doing was to awaken or unlock this God or 7 seals to awaken the forbidden one. At point energy circulated me I felt bliss, and joy. Also, some fear patterns aroused in certain timings. I was partially suspicious, I was afraid someone was trying to hijack me(fear of scam). I was afraid I was going to be tricked and be possessed by something.

George Hutton Kundalini Scam?

Which at this point wouldn’t be the worse thing to happen to be honest, BUT, the fear still existed. I also for some reasons saw George Hutton there and I imagined he wanting me to go through with this so he can possess me or take over my consciousness because he was tricked into going through with this himself and now he is looking for another host to trick and to hijack their body. It sounds silly, but the fear kicked it, and f*ck it did mess me up a bit. I was driven to go through with this no matter what, but, the fear did stop me. Funny thing at one point, I got so itchy, like if I was growing goat hear or something. I had to STOP it because I was too worried might happen. Personally, I think it was an unconscious fear of mine of being tricked that caused this. I believe Kundalini is ultimately good and have hundreds of reasons of believing so.


That concludes this guide on how to awakenen your kundalini and ancient secret forbidden wisdom of reality. Below, are resources to help you expand your spirituality, and overall wisdom on reality.


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