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The Right Way To Be An Effective Coach - Davinci Neptune

The Right Way To Be An Effective Coach

People think coaching is easy, because all you have to do is simply give advice and let the listener simply listen. But, this is certainly not the case. If this were true coach tons of people would be improving while receiving coaching advice. People(/coaches) tend to think it’s the level of insight or the level of knowledge that makes the coach. And this is simply not true, it is but one piece to the overall puzzle. It is more effective as a coach on how you bring people to the desires outcome as opposed to the quality of insight. Most… Read More »The Right Way To Be An Effective Coach
Will A Relationship Make You Happy - Davinci Neptune

Will A Relationship Make You Happy? – Davinci Neptune

Will A Relationship Make You Happy? There are pros and cons to getting into a relationship. For most, they probably shouldn’t get into a relationship until they are ready. A relationship can be wonderful to explore everything that is you, your very essence, and you can discover who you really are or not in one. But, the wrong relationship or the wrong person can leave you more damaged that it ruins all your future relationships going forward. Some, people never recover from their previous relationships. Truthfully, you can fall in love with anyone on a logical level and make them… Read More »Will A Relationship Make You Happy? – Davinci Neptune
The Magical Way To Seduce Anyone Instantly The Right Way- Davinci Neptune - Prosperitylifehacks

The Magical Way To Seduce Anyone Instantly The Right Way – Davinci Neptune

  A lot of people get into persuasion/sales/seduction for all types of reasons. I’d expect a lot of time it has to do with saying the right things, doing the right things, avoiding making social mistakes, The better people get at seduction or persuasion the more in danger they are of their ego getting in their way of their human relationships and their sales/or seduction. Seduction is about giving people experiences they do want, and not give them experiences they don’t want. The more you give people what they do want the more people will like you. The less you… Read More »The Magical Way To Seduce Anyone Instantly The Right Way – Davinci Neptune
Silence Is How You Punish Women - Davinci Neptune - Prosperitylifehacks

Silence Is How You Punish Women

Women know they have men wrapped around their finger tips and for the most part they abuse their power over men. As a respond we men we learn something called “game” to learn how to win. There is a way to win and a way to lose. With sex and companionship being the prize or love. A man who doesn’t learn how to win or play the game will never get love and consequently never get his gene to replicate. Women are the sort of gatekeepers they will block out low quality sperm from mating with them. Because their job… Read More »Silence Is How You Punish Women
Why Men Are Refusing To Date

Why Men Are Refusing To Date

There has never been a time more than today when dating was more pointless. There isn’t a whole lot of incentive for men to date women. The amount of social skills and gaming required to win a maiden’s heart is simply not worth it from a pure objective standpoint. The biggest question of all is what do men really get from relationships and dating? Other than maybe a companion and sex there is not a whole lot of rational reasons to invest and commit to a relationships. Serious thought is required before a men even considers marriage because if the… Read More »Why Men Are Refusing To Date
Do Women Even Love Men? - Davinci Neptune

Do Women Even Love Men?

This post will be pure red pill and not any of the blue pill nonsense. Having said that read on… Women simply love men for what he can DO FOR HER. Unconditional love doesn’t exist for women. They simply want a man to fulfill his duty as a man which is to provide, protect, lead, etc. Usually, what this means is he is bringing home the bacon. This can be shown in the way women date higher and normally don’t date down. Women are more superficial than you can every realize. Again this is pure red pill. Women want a… Read More »Do Women Even Love Men?
safe relationship - Davinci Neptune

How To Create A Safe Relationship

Let’s pretend you are deeply attracted to the person you are strongly attracted to. There are a few things to keep the bond and strong and there are plenty of things to ruin a relationship that had potential. First rule for any relationship is to start slow and not to unload all your baggage and problems into each other. Here and there it’s okay, you don’t want to scare your partner immediately before getting to know them and with them still trying to figure you out. If you reveal too much about yourself you run the risk of saying the… Read More »How To Create A Safe Relationship
Don't Be Fooled By Succubus - prosperitylifehacks - davinci neptune

Don’t Be Fooled By Succubus

In ancient times there was a demon women known as Succubus who would take over little boys at night and seduce them. The little boys thought she was the most beautiful women of all. But, just as the little boys would go closer and think they were about to get some succubus would pull out her fangs ever so suddenly and bite them! Then succubus would rape the little boys and kidnap their souls and their souls would be lost in the afterlife for all eternity. THE END! In modern times, we don’t have succubus, but we have the “modern… Read More »Don’t Be Fooled By Succubus
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Make Women Great Again?! – Davinci Neptune

Make Women Great Again?! This is a subject that I am in favor for obvious social reasons. However, there are a lot of issues with this topic as it is. For one, it is going against big meta philosophies that has popularized in the U.S. Anything that dominates the public will take a lot of work to remove. You will be competing against way too many opinions that will try to flame you and bash you for having a differing opinion. And sometimes you will have to adjust for the popular consensus. Because more often than not you will lose… Read More »Make Women Great Again?! – Davinci Neptune
PLH Promo - Davinci Neptune

Men Chase Success, Women Chase Men

Many men dream of attracting the perfect women in their lives. Some, give up everything to find the right one. However, this chasing is misplaced. As women are looking for a men who they want to be a part of. Someone that will add value to their lives(whatever that might be). I am sure you probably heard men should get money and then get the girls. I am in agreement, with this saying, because it just makes everything easier. With the right setup everything is easier. She will just kinda fall in place in your life, and the pointless drama,… Read More »Men Chase Success, Women Chase Men