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6-26- Spiritual Update

For those, of you have been wondering, lately, I have been accsing higher levels of consciousness. I’ve been making discoverings at a rapid level. Discoverings, I probably never thought were even possible. To be fair, these were the type of things I was trying to accomplish. But, I am spiritual body is evolving at rapid levels. Currently, my old body has body has been dis-integrated or eaten. It feels like a balloon as if all the parts of my self are been cremated and being deflated. It also feels has a bunch of gum balls are dropping down somewhere in… Read More »6-26- Spiritual Update
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Why Guys Don’t Want Career Oriented Women

Nothing can be more unattractive than a women you are in a RELATIONSHIP with to be constantly fighting for power. Career minded women are some of the most domineering and power hungry women on the planet. Now, from a guy perspective that can easily be corrected through the use of POWER and VIOLENCE. She may respond by calling the cops. This drama is a very common situation in modern homes. When one is trying to OVERLY or COVERTLY manipulate to their favors to ensure their benefits and maximize their gains. It’s way more trickier to be a man in these… Read More »Why Guys Don’t Want Career Oriented Women

What Do Women Want?

There are plenty of scams in the dating game industry? Why? There are plenty of insecure men who are not getting their needs met when it comes to the opposite sex. Being a man who is free to express your nature without fear is a very attractive quality in today’s time. Part of the challenge is that we have plenty of misinformation about what makes a man. This is a hot topic that people are trying to understand and needless to say put their opinions. Now obviously there is a difference between facts and opinions. People can only give you… Read More »What Do Women Want?