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Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure?

With the rise of technology and the increasingly rise of information this leads to question are relationships doomed for failure? Attracting and dating is a hot topic that nearly almost everyone is interested in. This is our core being of procreation and human desire. The question today is our modern world creating a world where relationships are destined to end in breakups. I think in the future relationships will be on the drastic decline unless something happens that balances human consciousness radically. We live in a fast paced world today, and, everything is replaceable. And instantly too. There is an… Read More »Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure?
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Why You Should Ignore Beautiful Women | Davinci Neptune

Beautiful women get approached by hundreds of guys on a daily basis. They are getting free attention and validation from all sorts of directions, so when you as a guy approach a beautiful women you are putting yourself as one of “those guys”. Ironically, this is also why beautiful women don’t find the type of guy they do like. Beautiful women value in the dating market is above the average guy, so when a man approaches a beautiful he is doing so from the position of “lower value”. This also gives beautiful women an ego stroke and it makes them… Read More »Why You Should Ignore Beautiful Women | Davinci Neptune
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What Does Your Wife Want From You? – Davinci Neptune

What Does Your Wife Want From You? Your wife wants you to be yourself. Your full authentic self. This means you must be selfish even if you have to. Now, if you are the beta male nice guy, and that’s who you are then your wife wants you to be that way too. Why? Because, that’s who you really are. In that sense, your wife wants you to be selfish. Selfishly be  yourself. We get this all confused because we listen to what society wants for us and you get peer pressured into being something you are not. But, the… Read More »What Does Your Wife Want From You? – Davinci Neptune
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Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more

Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more People who are consumed with social status and social hierarchy all want power, authority, leadership, social status in the social game. Because, they are consumed by social status they are naturally connected to everything superficial in the world. Not understanding the social game, is an illusion, something to pass the time and not something to take super seriously.   While hierarchy exist in the human world the same is true in the animal world. But, the issue is not hierarchy per se. The issue is people who are running hierarchy. Can you really trust… Read More »Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more
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What to do in new relationships?

What to do in new relationships? In new relationships, especially spiritual ones it is important to start slow. This is a golden rule even in the dating game in the modern world. Because, if you reveal too much too early you lose attraction which will terminate the cat and mouse game before it even started. For this article, let’s skip the approaching part as that would make this more messy. First, start with the basics very important you do this part of the human interaction because it will help to break the ice easily, and it will make connection. This… Read More »What to do in new relationships?
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Health is number 1

During my battle with the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, constipation, hemrroids, abdominal pain, and other horrible side effect I rediscovered the ancient truth of why health is number one. The most important thing in the world is not money; it is health. If you do not have health you have NOTHING. Let me cover a little back story about why I started taking drugs in the first place. I’ve been dating a beautiful girl for months(or what seems like months) or years. Recently we have been going tons of inner turmoils, resistances, power battle dynamic, fight for control,… Read More »Health is number 1
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Does everything in life have to be a competition

Nothing is wrong competition in of itself. I am a big fan of video gaming, and I was highly competitive and I am highly skilled at video. Every game I played in I kicked massive butt. I was that good I promise, everyone knew my name, respected me and feared me(to some extent). I was so good they used to think I was cheated(ask my friends about this). Not everything in life is a competition. Competitive energy is more approriate for things like sports or anywhere the energy is more approriate. For the random people you meet make sure they… Read More »Does everything in life have to be a competition
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What to do if you feel exhausted?

If you feel exhausted make sure you get a nice shower to help you unwind a bit. Maybe socialize with a few of your friends to help you burn any extra energy or to simply let go. This is in the case when you feel you the extra high energy, and still want to be more social. If you just want to simply lie down and do nothing. Then simply just lie on your bed, relax, enjoy the comfort of your bed and count the zzz. You deserve it because remember you work hard for your accomplishments. And you deserve… Read More »What to do if you feel exhausted?

Is Wanting Fame The Problem?

No wanting fame is not the problem. But, wanting fame just for fame sake is completely superficial. There are better ways to approach it. Then just to simple impress friends and family. For example, I want fame to prove people wrong vs I want fame because I want the universe to see my greatness and talents {or share} You see desire is not the problem, it is the place it comes from that is the problem. Is it healthy or is it toxic. Remember, energy does not lie, your energy will be revealed by your body motion and how you… Read More »Is Wanting Fame The Problem?

Break in Relationship(spiritual)

When someone ask for a break in a relationship YOU MUST RESPECT IT. No ifs, buts or maybe about it. When someone needs space in a relationship it’s because they need time away. Maybe, the relationship is falling apart. Maybe your partner needs space. Maybe, your partner has so much stress going on in his life they feel overwhelmed. When someone says NO, you must respect that. Unless, YOU KNOW FOR SURE, that they are KIDDING. You must always get their consent and permission when it comes to how you exchange your sexual energy and this goes for most things… Read More »Break in Relationship(spiritual)