How To Become A Better Manifester

Gerardo Morillo here, in this article we will discuss How To Become A Better Manifester. This article, will teach you how to manifest much more effortlessly and with power.

But first, I want you to all to take out your Holy Bible. You did remember to bring it didn’t you?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John:1)

An apple is not far from the tree. The start is the last.

Learning how to manifest is returning the kingdom of heaven back to the throne.

When you learn how to use your mind you are,Jesus Christ, a creator of your reality.

Everything is created with your mind. Every sort of desire, action, etc. is first brought to you by your awareness or focus.

When we speak of you as the creator we do not speak in arrogant terms. We speak in terms of owning to your power and responsibility.

When you do this, you will fully be able to live the life you desire. Everything is possible with he/she who believes.

And as you do this I just want you to relax, sit back, and think of all the positive thoughts you have in the background. Somewhere way over there.

When you stop focus on your desires you will magnetize them without effort. For the Law of Attraction is the law that governs the universe.

The problem is most people don’t really understand it.

Do you have goals that you desire? What are some of them? Perhaps, you wish to enjoy living in a big fancy mansion with a beautiful pool nearby.

Or perhaps, you want a loving relationship that springs love back to you and your partner.

Or maybe, you want enough money to live the life of your dreams. You can finally quit that job. Fire that boss and live on your terms.
Those are dreams!

How do we go about we bringing our dreams to reality?

We have to use our mind in ways that brings us closer and closer to our goals.

But when a mind is blocked and full of bad yesterday it is difficult to move.

But this power still lies you. Still there, waiting for you…Will you tap into this power?

The choice is yours!

But, know this, my friend, it’s there and it’s waiting.

You no longer need to live in a zombie land. You can be free.

You can do all of the things that you always wished for.

You still have time. But, do not give up because today is a new day to start over and pursue your dreams.

You create your reality using your mind.

Which makes you God of your own universe.

But, knowing this is one thing and fully tapping into your power is a total other story. I got something that can help you. Click the link down below for more info..

Manifest The Life You Want | Gerardo Morillo |

Gone Like The Wind

I’ve been dreaming of going somewhere far far away where no one knows my name.

Then a kid approaches me with me wearing my trench coat, black beanie, looking like a character from Final Fantasy.

Image result for seifer final fantasy

The kid tells me Hey, Mr. I got chocolate bars.

So I ask. How much?

The Kid: $10 a pop.

Holy sweet mother. $10 pop? (thinks in head)

I bought one to boost the kid’s confidence and give him some momentum as a fine salesman he will be one day.

I have a slight edgey, bad boy look, but deep down I am really a kind soul.

How can I not? With all the suffering I endured for many years. My empathy levels are out of this world.

They will never know that who they just speak to is a Man of God.

But, before they can even figure me out or I create enough rapport so we can be comfortable around each other.

I am gone.

But, they will always remember that man. Something was different about him.

He didn’t talk much, but he never did any wrong. I would like to see that man again, something was just different with him…

But, before they even get the chance I am gone like the wind. Without any clues.

So, I move to the next town and repeat the same process again. With my new information, I picked up from the last storyline I can even make rapport faster this time around.

However, one thing about rapport is because in my head I’ve already seen the future I think they are somehow comfortable with me in this moment.

In other words, I am years ahead, already seeing us as friends, but here looking at me like who the fuck are you.

A man like me can’t stay anywhere for too long.

I am left wondering if rapport is something I can accelerate or not. With the tools and arsenals, I have my disposal to make people fall in love with me it should be cake..

It still seems like rapport is something that must be created through a series of events.

Which is rather unfortunate.

Because the typical way of building rapport is the long roundabout awkward phase. Day 1, Day 2 , Day 3 , Day 4, and so forth. Each day is a sequence of awkward days arriving until the relaxation occurs.

And before they know it I am gone.

I could never stay anyway for too long.

Who was that man? Will we ever see him again?

Probably, not.

I already moved to the next town seeing what kind of story I can create next.

Still practicing creating the storytelling timeline.

With just a bit more practice I will be able to create any story I want.

Related image


Manifest Shortcuts is a book I’ve created to help you manifest your dream life. Everything you wish to achieve will be done using your mind. When you buy your copy today you will discover the power within waiting for you to return back to the throne. Once you release this power, you will be free. You will do things you never have done before. You will say things you never said before. But, most importantly you will discover the beauty in you. It’s there waiting for you.

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The World of Ass Kissing

We all know this one best. In today’s world we call it being politically correct, but being politically correct today is the new standard.

I met this charming man the other day, respect him as a man, but he is still human just like everyone else. But turns out hes just like the rest of them. Bunch of robots who want to be told the script.

All humans come with egos. People want everything they say to be right. People hate being corrected. People hate getting advice.


The best strategy for dealing with humans in the modern world



They will nod their head because it’s familiar with their line of thinking.

We tell people be yourself.

We tell people be the real you and be authetic.

And I love it I am a promoter of this movement in fact some would consider me a founder of this movement.

BUT, the easiest thing you can do (not saying best) is TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

This works in dating as well when a man is simply try to court the object of his desire to his bedroom.

Which is why the typical strategy is something like this…

Give compliments –> Buy her a drink alcohol// buy her anything –> Make her feel good in many places –> Then escalate to the bedroom.

In recent times, the last piece is more like get her phone number and text her for a few days then request a meetup. But, that was just a quick summary.

Is this wrong? No, it’s simply the way it is. Women love to feel good, well everyone does, but especially women.

I am particularly impressed by their wiring. They are programmed to be happy more so than man. They have a few mechanisms to keep them happy or what not and they’re biological makeup is different.

But, none the less it’s fascinating.

I love the idea of being authentic and I believe we SHOULD promote authenticity. However, in today’s world where the average homo sapiens is AN ANIMAL or a PROGRAMMED ROBOT, it’s very hard to be authentic.

As I told you before. People hate being wrong. People hate advice. People love giving advice. People want to feel special (like it’s special). People generally want to be seen in a positive way in front of others.

I am not saying this is wrong per se. But, there is an issue here. And it’s the simple fact that it’s f*cking fake. Most humans are fake. Can you blame them? They come with defense mechanism, instincts, ego, programmed by society, and everything else.

Can we say they are doing the wrong thing?

It’s not wrong but it’s getting the way of human growth and real connection. People are fake, robotic, animals, in today’s world.

Ass kissing is a very effective strategy in today’s world. Probably one of the best. I highly encourage you to do so. If you want to climb up the social ladder.

That’s how you CLIMB.

By being programmed by the programmers.

In example, to get a 50k job you have to match the job description.

So you have to allow yourself to be programmed by them in exchange for that job. Of if you wanted to become that job you have to program yourself in accordance.

Personally, I am fed up with ass kissing.

Most people think I am new to life. I have 26 years of life. I have seen it. I have cried more times than the average person. I have failed more times the average person. I have been rejected more times than the average person.

It’s like they think I haven’t seen this before. They literally act in a snobby way and do the routine of MAKE ME FEEEL GOOD. I quickly identify. I think it’s cute and a little pathetic. I usually look at them with a zero expression. Like what do you want me to do? And they feel uncomfortable with silence. Most humans are very uncomfortable with silence. And as such they do things to fill in the void.

I gave up at one point. A mentor of mine who I consider a great friend of mine taught me a lot about humans.

Since, then I have made tons of changes on how to adapt. He really helped me understand. Because now I understand there is a system in place. Humans are not random codes put together. Everything has a system in place.

But, I am personally at my wit’s end. I cant do the ass kissing game anymore. I am telling you my readers that you should learn how to adapt, speak their langauge, put yourself in the box they want.

That’s how you survive in today’s world. Do what THEY WANT. SAY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SAY.

Even the people who preach about being authenticity are fake as well. You can be you so long as you let me BETTER THAN YOU. Meaning, you can be you, BUT I am more important than you. As long as you make me look better than you, we good.

BUT, after a recent event, I am done…

I am done being a clown for these humans..

I am done being a robot..

I am done being a monkey…

I am done being fake for them…

I am done compromising for their needs.

I am done placing them above myself especially because they don’t deserve.

Note: All humans are selfish. Being selfish is very efficient. It’s not the how we “should” be, but it’s very efficient.

I have compromised enough.

So, as you reading this what am I advising you?

I advise you to adapt to whatever the FUCK they want.

That’s the human way.

But, at some point, you will discover this isn’t making you happy.

You will see you are tired of being fake.

You will see you are tired of not EXPRESSING YOURSELF.

You are tired of just being a robot.

You are tired of not DOING WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO DO.

You are tired of being just a fucking clone.

You are tired of just being a robot telling them what they want to hear sacrificing who you are inresponse.

What is the answer, Gerardo?

Adapt – Tell them what they want to hear. Do what they want. Get paid.

But, Gerardo, this won’t make me happy…I want to be me…I want to be free…I want to express myself…SOmething in me is not right with this…


Be Free.

Freedom – Do what you want. Do not compromise yourself for their needs. Do not compromise yourself. BE YOURSELF. Say the wrong answer on purpose.

Manifest Shortcuts is a book I’ve created to help you manifest your dream life. Everything you wish to achieve will be done using your mind. When you buy your copy today you will discover the power within waiting for you to return back to the throne. Once you release this power, you will be free. You will do things you never have done before. You will say things you never said before. But, most importantly you will discover the beauty in you. It’s there waiting for you.

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How To STOP Being Desperate

Humans have an infinite amount of desires.

When striving towards your desires sometimes you might feel a little desperate.

Essentially, to chase a want or a desire is because you are in the LACK of that desire.

Which means that desire has POWER over you.

There are many ways to fill a void.

Either one you  FULFILL the need or you mentally DEATTACH yourself from the need.

Personally, I prefer fulfilling the void head-on as this will give you more life experiences and will give you proof you are not MISSING ANYTHING AT ALL.

Sometimes in life, we feel like we are missing out on something because the world is bombarding us with multiple stimuli.

In fact, this is one of their tactics to get you to buy, to trigger one of your emotional pain points.

You will never get a boyfriend because you are not as good looking as these models. Buy our make-up product because you can feel better about yourself and MAYBE get a boyfriend by looking prettier.

Of course, nothing is directly stated, but it’s all IMPLIED.

Perfectly implied to trigger pain points.

As you can see, this is very insidious.

These people are just trying to use you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Why would you trust them? Well, to be fair there are just doing the AMERICAN BUSINESS.

But, I would clear out of dodge with those shady people who are to trigger you on all kinds of ways to get you to buy their products and services.

When one feels confident, secure, and without neediness, it will be very difficult to trick you into buying products you don’t need.

You will be able to walk away from anything that life throws at you.

Because you are secure in yourself. You are someone who knows what you stand for and won’t tolerate things that are not in accordance with your beliefs and values.

Truth is you don’t need anything. There is nothing at all you need because you come perfect already.

However, if one wants to refine and improve one could certainly research the things that would improve their life.

Technology is amazing today because everything is created to make our life easier and better.

One trick to avoid being desperate is to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT in advance.

Humans will always operate in autopilot(I myself included).

This can be seen as brain economy we will always cut down on thinking when necessary. We will always do less work when possible.

Which is why approaching people in the street 90% of the time is awkward. Most people will always cut the conversation short( me too) BECAUSE just standing there HURTS THE BRAIN.

To stop being desperate the amount thing to know is to collect a vast amount of experiences often known as “references.”

Every time you look back into your memory back your memory will support you and tell you are worthy and that you have enough.

Does your mind support you in accomplishing your goals?

If not, it’s time for a change…

Manifest The Life You Want

How To Give Constructive Feedback

Most people love giving advice.

Most people hate receiving advice.

A lot of things work this way in our reality.

Giving advice feeds the person self-ego and sense of superiorness.

It’s almost like ” You need my advice BECAUSE I am smarter than you.”

This is the frame most people come from when they are giving advice.

“I am better than you.”

Good advice is rare in an overwhelming information world.

Wait really?

Well, yes, because it forgets to address the WHEN.

What do I mean by this?

There are billions and thousands of advice one can receive or give at any moment of time, yet, what is the right advice the moment I am speaking to needs RIGHT NOW.

That’s the part that is often forgotten.

What is the best advice here and now this moment for the person I am speaking to?

Now, don’t get me wrong sometime, you may just want to be free-flowing and do whatever comes naturally. And sometimes you need to just lay it down on the table. That’s fine.

But to create DEEP and meaningful change work you must always keep in mind what is the right advice(tip, strategy, tactic, etc) for the person you are speaking to.

That is why I speak to people most people’s problems are instantly solved within a matter of seconds.

Well, to be fair, there are many hundreds of secrets and tools I have at my disposal. I wish I could cram it here in this article, but it’s too advance and would make this rather awkward to cram in one article.

For this article, just try to keep in mind the other people’s need and wants IN THIS MOMENT!

Great feedback is awesome!

But, when feedback is done in a way is rude it can be discouraging.

In fact, you may even want to socialize less.

You see a lot of suffering here in today’s world because of LACK OF EXPRESSION.

Everyone wants to EXPRESS, BUT, no one has anyone like YOU to speak to.

You truly make life enjoyable by you just being there.

Sometimes you don’t even say much.

Just by you being interested and listening without placing judgment you make me feel better.

You make me feel like I can truly be naked around you.

No one else is like you!

The wrong advice is annoying as hell, to be frank!

It’s like they are not even listening or responding so they AVOID LOOKING DUMB.

“Advice Giving” as some would call it, is, really all about the TIMING of when to say your tip or suggestion.

Everything someone says is a clue and an insight about what’s inside someone’s brain.

So pay close attention to what is someone is saying because it tends to reveal a lot even if it’s a thought process they are having at this moment.

But, most, of the time it tends to reveal the thought process they have been pondering quite often.

Consider what the person is saying and try to make it RELEVANT to what they are looking for in this moment.

Sometimes, you might get it wrong, so long as you come from the RIGHT INTENT of ” I want to share / I want to help you” in a very honest way.

There is no doing it wrong.

Become A Natural Persuader

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The Secret Attraction Sauce (For Men)

In every game, there is an objective.

And in every game, there is a way to win and a way to lose.

One thing that is also in every game is a currency of some kind.

In real life we have money.

During the hunters and gatherers period there was food.

Food was a very important resource back in those time period.

Without food, one would die.

There is an old saying that states “he with the most bacon is king.”

Our social instincts were formed from way back then during these tribes.

Many of our conflicts today exist because of instincts mismatch.

Today in the modern world everything is backwards.

And this is because we still have preexisting instincts from long ago that need to be “managed.”

Men would hunt and focus primarily on hunting.

The primary purpose of a goal back then was to improve himself as a hunter and everything else was second.

This radiates a whole different kind of energy.

This is the energy that makes a man a man.

Once you tap into this life purpose of you are you will release the ancient hunter within you.

The ancient hunter was likely suppressed because we live in the backward society.

This certainly begs the question would we be happier if we simply went back in time when our instincts were formed?

Don’t get me wrong we have come a long way.

Technology is amazing.

You are reading this today because of the advancement of technology.

You friend are a hunter and once you recalibrate these instincts properly in the modern world you will receive all your desires.

Whether that be gorgeous women, money, respect, social status, or anything else for that matter.

Recalibrating these instincts will help you to get more of the things you want.

You likely have desires. Desires is good they keep you striving towards something. But not, fulfilling our desires is one of the worst things in the world.

This is why people turn to drugs.

If our needs(instincts) are not met there will be an imbalance within our mind-body and ego.

Our instinct is a natural drive for you to win.

If you are a man reading this you know what I am speaking of.

Somewhere deep inside you, there is something pushing you to win.

Something way deep down making you play the game of life.

Even when you don’t want to.

Maybe you were taught to turn off this ancient instinct a long time ago.

But, now it’s time you bring out it out.

By recalibrating your ancient instinct you will radiate the right kind of energy that will bring you more of what you want in life.

You are a hunter.

Your goal is to collect resources and win the game of life.

Never forget this.

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Are Testosterone Pills Worth it?

So, you have been looking around digging and searching about “testosterone.” You discover all the many benefits of testosterone and you figure you will go to your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and pick up a few testosterone pills to increase your testosterone levels. But, is it worth it? Let’s find out together in this article of “Are Testosterone Pills Worth it .”

So Are They Worth it?

Testosterone as many of you guys know is the hormone that makes a man a man. It is the masculine hormone that women go absolutely bunkers for. This is why testosterone is a HUGE MARKET. The driving factors for increasing testosterone is becoming more “alpha,” more “masculine,” and the list goes on. All guys want to win at the game of seducing women and getting more sex. So they either consciously or unconsciously understand by boosting their testosterone levels they can succeed with attracting women. The thinking is absolutely correct. More testosterone equals more confidence, more masculine qualities, more dates, more sex drive, more muscles, and too many to list. In short, if you are man you need more testosterone.

The Right Idea

So while men have the right intention of boosting their testosterone levels with the use of pills. Pills really are a marginal benefit; a starting point in the right direction. Once a man tries enough of the testosterone pills they will quickly realize the effects are very mild at best. Don’t get me wrong I strongly encourage one to experiment with products. It for sure is better than nothing. And the great news is the supplement world just keeps evolving and evolving.

Locals Are The Worst

To massively increase your testosterone levels in the manner which you desire you will almost be able to do this down the block. Why? Many different reasons but mostly pertaining to laws. The laws prevent anything that is consider “unsafe” to not be sold to the public. Even something like Caffeine is in the risk. They have banned many stimulant supplements off the market ie: DMAA, Ephedrine, etc. Any powerful ingredient will hit the locals last. What this means is your desire to raise your testosterone levels is set back because you are looking for the wrong places.

What To Do Instead?

There are few alternatives to increase testosterone levels naturally without using testosterone pills and all are potent. Two or threes weeks I began my BIO-TE testosterone pellet therapy. Bio-TE is bioidentical hormones which mimic testosterone. The goal behind this therapy is to not use any “artificial testosterone” and use testosterone that mimics the body’s natural testosterone.

This is the first time I have begun, but I have done so much research I was itching to start the program. The process is quick and painless. Very affordable to within the $1,000 to $2,000 price range. Now, the price may seem steep, but it’s definitely worthwhile if you consider the benefits of becoming more alpha and masculine. A very cost efficient deal.  The only downside is the doctors and workers told me it can take up to two weeks before one can see any sort of result from this.

The other thing is testosterone gels. Most testosterone gels have proven to be junk. I do have a favorite of mine that I experimented a bit with. It’s called NKNW Testosterone Gel. The best part is one can buy this online without a prescription or even seeing a doctor.

This formula is based on the andro-gel formula which cures low-t symptoms. The people down at NKNW took a few steps extra. They modified it so it is more transdermal(absorb through skin). They claim it is more potent because more of the testosterone from the gel can be absorbed through the skin. I can attest to them definitely seems very effective. However, it will take some time before you can see some results. Give it a few weeks and then determine whether or not it works.

The last option is the “hardest” option. What I mean by hardest is that it can have some side effects and it’s much more drastic. I have not personally tried it myself. This is for people who are serious and willing to take any risk that comes. The last option is testosterone cypionate. You can get it online from multiple sources. Testosterone cypionate is known to be the most potent form of TRT on the market. How do you take it? You take it once a week with a syringe. Simply fill the content and inject the proper amount. Most guys inject once or twice a week(usually once a week). Based on my research testosterone cypionate is the MOST POTENT. However, I have not personally used it myself and do not know if there are any side effects. So you will have to use at your own discretion.

So Are Testosterone Pills Worth it?

The answer is yes and no. If you can only afford testosterone pills I would say go for it. It for sure is better than nothing. Just lower your expectations because they are more mild than you would think. And with much stronger options I would highly suggest taking a look into those instead because they are more powerful and provide more of the results you are looking. Please be sure to check out the highly recommended resources down below. Alpha male is a bundle created by George Hutton and will transform your mind-body into an alpha male. You will gain insight on a conscious level of how to be an alpha male.


I am not a doctor and these are just my opinions on such topics. I do not claim to be a medical professional. Use this information at your own risk.

Highly Recommend Resources

  1. Bio-TE
  2. NKNW Testosterone Gel
  3. Testosterone Cypionate
  4. Alpha Male – Turn Your Mind Into An Alpha Male

Everything that you should know about Gerardo Morillo Seduction

Everyone wants to be famous among girls and why not they are beautiful, attractive, amazing and what not? Who won’t enjoy the company of those beautiful girls by being the center of attraction? But many guys are not able to be successful in this work and often end up being ignored by the opposite sex. So what to do? We have a solution for you; Gerardo Morillo seduction. Yes, you read that right we have technology that will provide you with mental physic seduction, natural seducer or instant subconscious seduction. All these techniques work in the hormone section of your mind making you mentally prepared and ready to be famous among girls. All you have to do is keep reading about Gerardo Morillo seduction until the end.

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How do these videos work?

These videos create a hormone secretion in your mind that makes you confident and then you work in direction of seduction. There are many types of seduction such as natural, instant subconscious seduction, and physic seduction. These seduction techniques are inscribed in videos such that you do not blabber out at the right moment. These videos are scientifically created to stimulate the sex hormones. The best thing about this Gerardo Morillo seduction is that even girls can use them to attract the guys and get him inside your panty.

The science behind the videos

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Does this Gerardo Morillo seduction actually work?

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How To Develop Irresistible Presence

What is presence? Presence is something that is hard to put our finger on, but we all know when someone has it and someone doesn’t. Here in this article, we will be introducing what presence is and how to create it. While reading this article be sure to clear your mind of all lingering thoughts that are running in the background somewhere way over there. The benefits of presence is astounding. People with strong presence tend to attract others to themselves MUCH MORE easily than those without presence.

What is Presence

Presence can be defined as a sort of “energy” that is very compelling. People want to date them, speak to them, invite them to parties and are pulled towards their direction. You likely notice during a conversation when someone is into the conversation. They have a sort of engaged look, and the signals they are sending feel “positive.” In fact, presence is not just when you are talking to someone. Presence is also when the person is NOT speaking. They have a strong magnetic aura that compels people to them. All this can be done WITHOUT even saying a single word. In a moment  I’ll mention to you the mysteries and secrets of developing a strong presence.

Is that something you wish you can get more of?

Click here for an in-depth guide on presence

How To Improve Your Presence

Developing your presence is a wonderful skill to improve. The benefits of increasing your presence will surprise you in ever so pleasant ways. Here in this section, I’ll be covering the ways you can increase your presence.

People with a strong presence are INTERESTED in others. Even if it’s just for a moment. They are also PRESENT and in the moment. Like one of the most famous law: Give and Receive. People are present give to others and in return, they get the admiration, attention, and focus right back.

When you are out speaking to people practice the art of listening without thinking or judging. The better you are at this the more others will see you as the most interesting person alive. People in our modern day and age are very judgemental, which completely kills presence. If people sense they are being judged they will back off or avoid you altogether.

Practice listening to people while fully accepting who they are at this moment of time. By doing this you validate their sense of self and avoid any ego issues. Give the other person your full focus with as much positive energy you can muster up.

Click here for an in-depth guide on presence

Because this part of developing a strong presence is a MUST I am going to repeat it one more. When speaking to others make sure you focus your attention on them. What makes them great, their likes, their fears, etc. Really focus on what they’re saying. Practice, practice, practice. Pretend as if what they are saying is the most important thing in the world(if you have to).

What this translates(if done correctly) is a sort of “vibe” or “frequency” and it says “I find you interesting. I like you. Please keep talking.” And as a results, this will generate a sort of emotion. This emotion will generate in them and their emotions will then be attached to you. What does that mean? When they look back in their memories speaking to you they will remember this strong and powerful vibe.

Despite what most people say everyone wants to feel good about themselves and just generally speaking. People rather feel better than worse. In their minds they will remember speaking to the most interesting person in the world, that’s YOU by the way. You created this effect without even saying anything. And this is because when it comes to us humans the words are not as important as the vibes you get from someone.

Let’s wrap this up now…

Gerardo How About The Secret To Presence

Oh right, good memory you got there. Animals in the animal kingdom job is to survive, gather wealth and find a mate to F*CK and make a baby. Okay, what does this have to do with presence? It has everything to do with presence. In fact, if you master this one piece here, you can disregard everything else I just mentioned.

The secret to presence in two words is called “Animal Magnetism.” In the jungle male animals fight to the death for their female counterpart. Sometimes in a literal manner and sometimes not. Sometimes they just increase their value in the market making themselves more in demand. Naturally, this will draw more and more potential mates.

Humans are another type of animal called “human.” Actually, we split from chimpanzee not too long. Around 100,000 years ago. This means all throughout history we have been animals a lot longer than “humans.” Well, “modern humans” to be exact.

All humans want more of two things: Love and Sex. And #3 is money(or wealth), but since we talking about presence money is not so important for this article.

The implication I’ve hoped you arrived at is make them desire you will naturally increase your presence. And I don’t mean just desire for a little chit-chat.

How do you do this? I’m glad you asked.

Generate more sexual energy and loving energy.

This is the energy that no man or women can refuse. If you are a guy and you generate this sort of vague, mysterious, and powerful energy you can expect to have any single girl back at your bedroom.

Every single guy since the question was formed – How to get more sex? This is it. As cryptic and simple as it sounds. By boosting your presence and sexual energy you can draw people in. People will want to be around you. People will beg you for your time and attention. Others will feed needy for you. You will be the awe of their attention.

Let’s be honest people are so desperate for this kind of person. They have to go through 100s of conversation to just meet that one person who has it. You are the one they are waiting on. You are the diamond among the rocks.

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