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How to get rid of takers mentality(+vibe)

How to get of taking vibe? People who are desperate they seek for victims to feed on their positive vibes. In spirituality we call them energy vampires. These are people who suck the energy of high positive energy men. When these find a willing host to prey on they go in their energy field and suck them dry of their precious life force without conscent or approval. Which is a criminal offense. They should be murder and slaughtered for messing with other people’s energy without permission(this is the equivalent to rape). To rid of taking the energy vibe simply stop… Read More »How to get rid of takers mentality(+vibe)
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Society Rewards Winning

In the game of life society rewards only those who make right answers in life. This make sense. This is why you always often see us behave in ways that are not very true to our own nature or “inauthentic.” Society has its own rules and by sticking to the rules (or conformity) you get more rewards and benefits for winning. There is absolutely no reward in losing. Losing in society and the game of life is very much similar to dying. When you make a mistake in social situations do you get rewarded? Do you make friends or family?… Read More »Society Rewards Winning
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Unfork Yourself

One cool thing about octopus is they are extremely flexible, and adapative.  They have the capcity to move around all their bodies and they have zero limitations with they move around. Sadly, we humans are restricted by out physical bodies and our limiting beliefs about what is possible. But, what if there was a way to be as flexible like as an octupus? Would there be any benefit to this? Scientist have done studies on the human body and they have determined the more flexible you are the more healthier you are. They also have noted a correction with people… Read More »Unfork Yourself
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How To Love

Love is by far one of the most important subjects and most interesting subject known to man. Why? Everyone is wondering how to get more love in their lives. Everyone is trying to figure out the mystery of getting more love. Yet, have we ever asked ourselves how do you get loved? How does one go about getting love? It turns out it is much more simple than I had thought, but much more complicated when you go and do it. How do you love other people? You do so by loving yourself first! Common sense, right? Well, duh! Well… Read More »How To Love
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Narc and Co-dependency

The Balance of Powers One day there was two rabbits happily in love. The rabbit would farm and grow tons of fresh and vegetables outside. The most grown vegetables grown is spinach and carrots. The two rabbits were happily in love, they did everything together and they were inseparable. However, as time went by, their were turmoils in the relationship while they were happily married the female bunny developed a weird case of selfishness disorder. The male bunny while he loved the female knew these behaviors were unacceptable because there is no excuse to abuse someone you love. The female… Read More »Narc and Co-dependency
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Cry Me A River

Dear Universe, You are very spoiled, and entitled. No one owes you anything. No one owes any favors, nor do they a conversation. Nor, do they owe you any concerns. When people are kind to you, should be thankful and appreciate it. Because, no one needs to do anything for anyone. Bunch of little kids running out thinking someone owes them an interaction, an experience, or any of the sort. Mature adults know how to properly communicate in a matter that is easy going for the recipient party to understand their needs, wants, desires, etc. When one is being wishy… Read More »Cry Me A River

The Gorilla and The Doctor

There is this friend I know who is going to the doctor lately getting regular check up. Making sure there is nothing with them or something like that. Because, they recently caught the cold they decided it was not a big deal, but went to check go get it out anyway. One thing that sometimes keeps us stuck is sometimes not getting the proper help and nourishment when we need it. Our minds are often afraid of making changes inside it’s limitation. But, please consider to go get that checked out. I mean, make sure you are thinking straight by… Read More »The Gorilla and The Doctor