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How to deal with loser women

Many women are in fact selfish and are losers. They offer no real value outside of sex. Most of them know this already and they just use their looks to their advantage to manipulate to their perspective or reality. But, outside of their looks they offer nothing of real value. So, when in doubt do without. You don’t need most women on the planet. Most of them won’t be good for you anyways. Most people on the planet are blooder suckers, leeches, and seek to waste your time and resoruces. Am I saying all women are terrible for you? Not… Read More »How to deal with loser women
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Create the work for the person you love – Davinci Neptune

Sometimes, in your live it can be difficult finding motivations for your work. One thing to always remember is what your goals are and what are you trying to accomplish. Another really cool special “hack” is to create the work for the person you love the most. Also, keeping them in your hearts while you create the work for them will amplify the your motivation and productivity for the work you want to create for yourself and the universe. Sometimes, we struggle to find motivations to create for our projects and when you remind yourself what you are trying to… Read More »Create the work for the person you love – Davinci Neptune
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Glimmer of Hope

Life can be painful at times. Going through the daily grind can be challenging, especially if you find yourself going through the same routine. If you get stuck in the same routine, it can definitely create stagnation. That’s why it’s always a great idea to spice things up and try something different. Trying something different will make sure life doesn’t become the “same day” everyday. One thing that will help you in your daily grind is to have something to look forward to. Even if it’s just once a month or once a week. By having something to look forward… Read More »Glimmer of Hope
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Awakening Is Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

At times in our awakening  process it won’t always be happy times. And this is something many of us have a hard time grasping. Many of us get into spirituality to escape reality or of course to live better and happier lives. There are times when awakening and spirituality will be blissful and happy times. Yet, the universe(or source) is not about keep things the same. In order to grow usually this means a collapse of the old(habits,diet, lifestyle, etc).  If we don’t allow ourselves to open up to other options and possibilities you will always get the same kind… Read More »Awakening Is Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows
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Imagination Is Your Best Friend

Scientist and philosohpers have argued what makes someone intelligent? What is the single thing defines us intelligence? Albert Einstein once said you are nothing without imagination. And that’s because imagination is by far the most powerful tool to manifesting. But, why is that? What does imagination and manifesting have to do with each other? Imagination is the source of creation and desires. Everything that is manifested in the physical world goes through a very precise cooking process in the spiritual realm until The World is complete. The world being you and your desire are now a match. You can think… Read More »Imagination Is Your Best Friend
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Society Rewards Winning

In the game of life society rewards only those who make right answers in life. This make sense. This is why you always often see us behave in ways that are not very true to our own nature or “inauthentic.” Society has its own rules and by sticking to the rules (or conformity) you get more rewards and benefits for winning. There is absolutely no reward in losing. Losing in society and the game of life is very much similar to dying. When you make a mistake in social situations do you get rewarded? Do you make friends or family?… Read More »Society Rewards Winning
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The Relationship Of The Higher and Lower Self

The higher self and your “lower self” seems to be a push-pull relationship. It is definitely an exchange of energy. One may not want to call it a transactional relationship because I think they call it a trade of energies that is out of “love.” None the less it is a trade. Yet, it is a different type of trade. It seems the higher self is a guide to the lower self and the higher self helps the lower self create the reality he/she desires. In exchange what does the higher self get in return? I think the higher self… Read More »The Relationship Of The Higher and Lower Self
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Davinci Neptune on ID(changing your identity)

Davinci Neptune on ID(changing your identity) Davinci Neptune Resources: Davinci Neptune Manifest Shortcuts: http://amzn.to/2pYNCl2 Davinci Neptune Women Brain Decoded is my latest work and will teach you the mysteries of women behaviors and their thought process. You will learn how to create attraction, build up her desires, and remove any insecurities when it comes to women. Click the link below for more info. https://amzn.to/2OMY8Iv Davinci Neptune’s Newsletter(In beta) Join my free newsletter for even more helpful tips and resources: Davinci Neptune Tool Box MY FREE EBOOK- DOMINATE THE ONLINE BUSINESS GAME Download Now – Make Money While You Sleep: https://docdro.id/ZHU75es

How To End Insecurities

Hideous rats of the night. Be gone and be no more. Peace be still within yourself uplift yourself and put yourself in higher self-esteem. Little one, were you abused and beaten to death as a child. Then you need to see yourself as bigger, and put yourself in higher levels now. Enlarge your inner child because your inner is brutally injured. At times our friends, parents, etc. slow our ability to grow up because they are in certain vibration themselves which contrast other vibrations. When vibrations collash there is a sort of frame battle of vibrations. Then the winner puts… Read More »How To End Insecurities
Psychic Vampires | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperitylifehacks.com

Psychic Vampires Traits, Protection, Signs, and more | Gerardo Morillo

  In this video, Gerardo discusses with you what a Psychic Vampire is. Psychic vampires take the energy from others and do not give energy back. In this video, you will learn how to identify psychic vampires, protect yourself, and other powerful information on Psychic Vampires. If you like my work, visit my website, signup to my newsletter, and check out the fantastic resources down below. And as always feel free to drop a comment, suggestion, or any questions down below. “A psychic vampire (psy vamp) is a term used to describe a living person who “drains” others emotionally or… Read More »Psychic Vampires Traits, Protection, Signs, and more | Gerardo Morillo