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How to Deal with Narcissist People

How to Deal with Narcissist People Have you ever met someone who could never be wrong in a conversation? These people always had to be right about nearly everything. Even with small mundane topics. Narcissist people hate to admit they are flawed in some kind of way. Narcissism is not even a real disorder. It is a made up disorder created by the person who believes they have NPD(narcissism personality disorder). In other words, people create their own fantasy in their mind, and they live out their fantasy in their real world. The narc, is someone who wants to admired,… Read More »How to Deal with Narcissist People
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Life is much more than pain and suffering

I feel like I am beating a dead horse saying the things over and over. But, it’s important that the universe understands that, there is more to life than pain{black magic,shadow,trauma,death,bdsm,pain,suffering,lonliness,etc(other negative conditions). Love is GIVING, SACFRICING, IT IS KIND AND FORGIVING. Love gives and gives NOT TAKES. Taking is for LOSERS. When you love someone you GIVE that’s how you show you love them. This is not to say taking is wrong. But, it is to say you should not depend on anyone to give you free stuff. Because that sets the basis for a transaction relationship.  

How to get what you want

Instead of chasing or condemning your desires. BE INSPIRED TO MOVE IN THAT DIRECTION. Make it fun for you and your friends. Ideally, moving towards your desire ought to feel enjoyable. It should feel effortless because you love what you want.  

What to do if you are hyper?

What to do if you are hyper? Ouch. Yikes! Being hyper is very difficult state to be in. Because once you are up it’s hard to go down. What can you do? Take supplements that will DOWN you. Things like XANAX, L-THEANINE, Gorilla Mind Rush. Will help bring you back down. Stop spirituality if you must. Get yourself back grounded. Listen to music that feels right. Remember friends it’s harder to GO DOWN THAN UP. Once your up it’s hard to go down. It’s much easier to add energy but not calm your state. Which is way when in down… Read More »What to do if you are hyper?

Instead of Fixing People Love Them Instead

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with someone. Why not focus on ways to amplify the greatness they already. You don’t have to fix everything about someone. Just enough where they stand out in their authentic self. You can do a lot more work by focusing on the existing positive qualities someone has. Plus, it’s easier on the mind to think in terms of positive. Note: This is note an avoidance tactic. This is simply a shift of thinking. Train your mind to see the goods in people instead of the bad. Because the more bad you see in… Read More »Instead of Fixing People Love Them Instead
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Mastery Takes Preserverence

If you are on the path of mastery get ready to sweat your blood and tears, out because the path of self-mastery is possibly one of the most challenging things you can do in your life. What is the path of mastery? The path of mastery is the spiritual work of understanding the nature of reality, thy self, and all the elements that compose of becoming a God(or your greatest version). Most of what we’ve been taught all our lives is wrong. And, this is what spirituality teaches you, it teaches you to return back to the core, to go… Read More »Mastery Takes Preserverence
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Why We Have Polarities?

Let me start by defining what is magic. Magic is everything in life. The tools and resources you use to create your life is magic. Everything that exist because of consciousness. Everything in life is the polarity being played out between light and dark, good–evil, hot-cold.male-female,  active, passive, master, slave, giver, and receiver. I am bringing this up because life is this never ending balance of light and dark. In relationships, light and dark exist as well between the masculine and the feminine as well as the multiple versions of themselves they have. Let’s stick to the main topic, though.… Read More »Why We Have Polarities?
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Unfork Yourself

One cool thing about octopus is they are extremely flexible, and adapative.  They have the capcity to move around all their bodies and they have zero limitations with they move around. Sadly, we humans are restricted by out physical bodies and our limiting beliefs about what is possible. But, what if there was a way to be as flexible like as an octupus? Would there be any benefit to this? Scientist have done studies on the human body and they have determined the more flexible you are the more healthier you are. They also have noted a correction with people… Read More »Unfork Yourself
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Silent The Mind

The importance of silencing the chatter of the mind cannot be underestimated. There is a lot of noise in the mind that are left over from your childhood. Sometimes, we have thoughts in the background from way back to our younger days. The problem becomes we confuse the voices internally with who we think we are. Most people don’t realize you can customize your persona as you desire, because all personas live inside of you. As you dive deeper into your meditations and spiritual practices your consciousness will grow deeper in awareness. You will discover things you never seen before.… Read More »Silent The Mind
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How To Accept Life – Davinci Neptune

Most people want things to please their friends, family, society. There is nothing wrong with this. In life, if you don’t play you fall behind and get stuck, which will make you more stuck. What do I mean by this? The more money you make the more money you make. The more popular you get the more popular you get. The more fame you get the more fame you get. Life is about expanding and getting more and more. Expanding upwards up the game and social ladder. However, never forget what you really value the most which is your integrity.… Read More »How To Accept Life – Davinci Neptune