Mind Persuasion Courses

Manifest Women Slowly augment your behavior on a deep subconscious level to be irresistibly attractive to women so much they approach you wherever you go. Plenty of exercises and mental rehearsal techniques designed to change your subconscious behavior to be magnetically attractive to women. Written guidebook with exercises and 20+ hours of subliminal programming. Alpha Male Seven powerful subliminal programming sessions to build in alpha traits, behaviors and language into your subconscious. Set an intention, turn on the recording and let the subliminal messages do the rest. Listening guide and subliminal sessions. Girlfriend Generator Step by step exercises to start wherever you… Read More »Mind Persuasion Courses

Through The Darkness

They can live their world and you can live in your own. Sometimes different worlds are not met to cross. When I was young I use to do love playing a game called Kingdom Hearts traveling through worlds inside the gummie ship. There was a lot of turbulence going from one to the next. It wasn’t always rainbow and sunshine on the otherwise. Once, I got there I was greeted with heartless just waiting to attack me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast the demons out. Then I went to the Final Boss of that world who was always controlling all the… Read More »Through The Darkness
Women's Brain Decoded | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperitylifehacks.com

Women’s Brain Decoded Is Coming Soon…

Gerardo Morillo here, I have got some exciting announcements for you. Just recently, I have been working really hard on my latest ebook Titled ” The Women’s Brain Decoded.” What is Women’s Brain Decoded About? As the title suggests we will be taking a look into the minds and behavior patterns from women. We will be understanding them from a deep level, more so, than they even know. And this is because women are hardwired to behave, think, and act differently. In, Women’s Brain Decoded we also discuss the key differences between both genders. If you are familiar, with a… Read More »Women’s Brain Decoded Is Coming Soon…
Alpha Male Dating Game

What’s The Point Of The Dating Game For Alpha Males?

Wassup, this is Gerardo Morillo, today we are going to be discussing about being an alpha male and the dating game today. If you are a man you likely heard of the term “Alpha Male.” You also most likely do not need me to explain what the term is. An alpha male is a high-quality man, a man in demand, a man women sought after, a leader in social settings. So, what is the point of the dating game as an Alpha Male or any man for that rather? Before I answer this, let’s take a look at some of… Read More »What’s The Point Of The Dating Game For Alpha Males?

Man It Feels Good To Be Alive

There this really important goal that I’ve been working for a VERY LONG TIME NOW. And it’s at that point where it’s finally coming true. My wish that is. Most people are on the low about it, but, I don’t care. The thing I’ve been working on is turning human into a living God. Some people think this may be arrogant. But, it says right there in the Bible that there are multiple kings. The awakened man is Jesus Christ. *breathes* Man, does it feel GOOD to be alive. it’s one of those dreams I’ve been working on for a… Read More »Man It Feels Good To Be Alive


Everybody wants to win at everything. It’s what humans are. The fittest survive, the most successful entities of the planet are the ones everyone talks about and looks up to. Whatever you do, be it a mediocre task such as routine, boring chores, or complex mathematical questions, or mind-boggling physics problems, you have to be the absolute best. You want people to talk about you, and let them figure out the secret to your success. You always do warm-ups about what you’re going to do, if, and when, you become successful. If you’re a junior actor, you use shampoo bottles… Read More »HOW TO WIN MORE AT LIFE