Cry Me A River

Cry Me A River - Gerardo Morillo - Prosperity Life Hacks

Dear Universe,

You are very spoiled, and entitled. No one owes you anything. No one owes any favors, nor do they a conversation. Nor, do they owe you any concerns. When people are kind to you, should be thankful and appreciate it. Because, no one needs to do anything for anyone. Bunch of little kids running out thinking someone owes them an interaction, an experience, or any of the sort. Mature adults know how to properly communicate in a matter that is easy going for the recipient party to understand their needs, wants, desires, etc. When one is being wishy washy and thinking someone must read their mind to fulfill their fantasy you got another thing coming. Now, for the exception of me, most cannot read minds. 99% of the population are terrible at reading subconscious energy, psychic energy, and what not. This is a very unrealistic expectation to expect from the other party.

Save your Drama for Your Mama

Drama is for little kids. Who fantasize about something or wish to feel something. Mature adults got their own needs taking care of, thank you very much. They don’t need anyone else to satisfy their whimsy or their desires. Having the desire for human expression is perfectly, fine, normal, it’s natural. But, when conducted on the manner of a little child, well – it’s childish. You can have fun, and play nice, but the extra drama…Nobody owes you free therapy, or an ear, or a shoulder to lean on during your dark moments. Now of course, if you wanted to you could just pay me a visit, and I’ll give you therapy for $250/hr. Tell me everything, your desires, your fantasies, what happen in your past?

Tell Me About Your Past

People love to glorify the past, even the negatives. They are attached to the past, like it’s some sort of prize or trophy. Many people feel either one or two ways. They hate their past and full of regret and are deeply bonded to their past as a sort of a special trophy. “I am a victim” therefore I am special, because wronged me so many ways. People don’t know suffering…

How long will you dwell in the past? Don’t you understand the past does not make you special, or anymore important. And you holding onto it, is not healthy for you, love. We can talk about the past, all night if you like. But, tell me, how long will talk about the past for? When we move on, and enjoy our lives here in this moment? My point my dear is, we can stay on the past for a lifetime. Or, you can learn to drop it. And join the present. But, I’m afraid for you…That might be a task, because the past has got tie down. You see, you were a victim of the past, and like a survivor, it brings you a great rush to have survived against the evils of this world. And yet, you love it. The drama, yes – the victim. I am a special victim you see. I survived against the evils of the world. And, I am here to spread love and light.

But, secretly I desire power. I want revenge against the world hurted me. That’s why I want power for myself. So…I can maybe, get revenge? Or, maybe…I don’t know…

And the mood dies down.

PS: Your lips tasted Delicious last night I  could hardly contain myself.

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