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Being with someone you love for sure is one of the most satisfying experience you can ever have. However, as we know keeping a relationship can create stress and drama that makes you wonder who is crazy enough to get married in today’s time. Whom you choose to marry is a serious decision. This is a commitment that is unlike no other.

First up how do you choose who to marry? First, you and the other must have an explainable connection that transcends the physical. I mean your soul and their soul are drawn together for non-physical reasons. Of course, you should like their physical as well nothing wrong with that. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be with someone who I am not physically attracted to. If I am going to stay in the relationship then I would want the most beautiful women I can get, nothing wrong with this. I am willing to reduce my standards if the person soul is beautiful. There is something magical when two souls connect on heart-to heart and soul level. It feels like your soul mate, or whatever term we want to call it.

To save your marriage you must go back in time and think about all the great moments you and your partner shared together. There was a reason that brought you to together. What was it that united you to?

When is the marriage worth saving? A marriage is worth saving when the relationship is in face true love and not a superficial relationship. Where both parties truly care for each other. And this isn’t about being self-sacrificing or a martyr your other partner, it’s about just enjoying their presence. Just enjoying being with them in silence, in laugh, in play, while watching a movie, while walking, eating together, at home together, etc. It’s just about enjoying the moment together and you “feel” an incredible powerful feeling of bliss and joy that is the most satisfying.

When a marriage goes sour a few things happen. Someone broke a pattern somewhere that ruin the original dynamic or what. Most people are looking for simple roles and can only fulfill simple roles. Complex people can morph themselves to whatever the situation requires depending on what is needed. This is also known as thinking outside the box.

Learn to control your emotions is a must. If you cannot do so, go take a break, or speak to other people about your troubles or issues, most people do this naturally. One issue with this is, you will be absorbing people’s energies who may actually ruin your relationship even more so. Just learn to what they say and see if it’s authetic or not. But, try not to let other people ruin your relationship when it is LOVE. When you feel it make it work.

Communicate to your partner any troubles you are having, something you are changing, it’s important both sides grow together. If one falls behind the other might lose interest or what not. Communication is a must with the person you love. Let them know your dreams, your desires, you wants, and needs. That way you and your partner can forever be on the same page.

If your emotional button is triggered, step back from the situation, or EXPLODE if you need to break a subconscious pattern. Really up to the situation.

Marriage can be for sure difficult, but if you and you lover are always in tough updating the problems, finding solutions, keeping the spark live, finding new ways to please each other than you can keep the magic going on for an eternity.

Now, does this mean that it will be honeymoon phase all the time? No, of course not. But, you can keep the relationship and bond strong if you and your lover the souls of each other. Aim to please your partner and your partner will love to please you back. I fill your cup and you fill my 🙂

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