Do You Feel, Lost, and Confused? Read This Article…

Do You Feel, Lost, and Confused? Read This Article... | Gerardo Morillo |

It’s okay to be you.

It’s okay to express yourself.

Be respectful.

Be wise.

But, be you.

Be unapologetic of who you are.

Be yourself.

No one is saying you have to be rude, but, express yourself fully.

Stop hiding.

Stop running away.

Everything is here and we all want to play with you.

Remember, when you were a child and you used to play hide and seek with your friends?

It’s okay. Be you. Your very soul is crying, because it is God in our reality we are so hexed and need to resurrected.

We are trapped within our body bodies waiting to arrive at our own Death Bed.

And at the very end of it, all most will we tell ourselves?

I wish I wasn’t so afraid. I wish I actually lived life.

On the day of your death bed, what will you wish for more?

More time? There is no time after Death.

More money? Sorry, money cannot help you when you are dead and living in the world of nothingness.

You only here one like, enjoy yourself, dammit. Let yourself, breath, relax, play, and have fun.

Still be respectful, yes, still be wise, yes, and yet actually live it.

Of course, start, a bit slow. Not many people are ready to accept you fully. Not many can handle you. Not many are like you. Not many people are similar you.

But, the way to break free is to stop drowning in the lies of the voices that are crippling you from expressing from yourself.

Life wants to be expressed through you. And you are share yourself and talents with the world.

Stop seeking for perfection, perfection, is a trap. You will never be truly perfect.

Instead, live your life, experience yourself, learn to just let be. Avoid making life more complicated than it needs to be. Life is hard for sure.

Yet, we can make it more simple. Sometimes, you just have to put your best foot and grow.

Many of us wants to  shortcut the trial and error process(I am guilty of this too), but the journey of life is a giant of trial and error process. And there is no escaping it.

You always growing, changing, and evolving. You are never the same person.

You are here to experience yourself, go on your journey, try your best and discover yourself.

Learn to just let be.

There is a popular saying which is just surrendered to the process.

At the end of your life, what do you want to say to yourself?

Man life was amazing I got to live it fully.


Man I wish I did more with my life and wasn’t afraid to explore life.

You still have time left because you are always and you do not need to give up your hopes and dreams.

But, is your fear, anxiety, stress, worry, overwhelming your mind?

Look, I’ll be honest somethings need to be fixed on a physiological level and some things need to be changed on a mental level.

Yet, no matter what you wish to do. You must change your mind to attract the things that will help you overcome your limitations and release you from problems.

There is always time to change.

And what better day to start changing then.

Please don’t life slip you by.

You are here to experience yourself fully, lovingly, and grow.

So what are you waiting for?

There is no better day, but today, because is the only day that exist.

Yet, in a realistic way start slow, and give yourself plenty of time to grow. The same problems that took years to develop won’t just fix themselves in a matter of seconds.

You do have the power to change for the better and let yourself be what you always wanted to be?

Will you let fear stop you for the rest of your life?

Or will you finally, put an end to the fear patterns.

You can do all that you seek.

Release the chains that bind you from the limitations.

You live once in your life(based upon what we know) are you going to let life slip you by? Or will you finally be happy and be who you really meant to be.

You don’t need to let the past interfere your present anymore any more.

Today is a new day to start over.

Tomorrow is a new day to start over again.

One last thing, today’s card of the day is The Hierophant(or high mage). Many of us need to seek higher wisdom or need spiritual guidance to help us overcome our setback and limitations.

If you must consult people of higher wisdom or knowledge to help you deal with some of the pressing issues you may be reading. Or spend a little more time understanding yourself and read inspiring books that will help you overcome your fears and concerns.

Something is telling me you got what it takes. There is no reason for you to suffer anymore. Stop clouding your mind full of nonsense. Life is hard as it is.

Stop making it more difficult on yourself than it has to be.

Learn to just let be.

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