Do You Need Money To Get Women- Davinci Neptune

PLH Promo - Davinci Neptune

In this video Davinci Neptune answers the question do you need money to get women? A lot of men wonder about this question. Do you really need money to attract women? Not really, it sure helps, though. Women take note of your wealth or success indicators and they find these things to be attractive yes. But, what is more important than money is your game(social skills+ social intelligence). The implications is if you have money, bling, cars, house, etc. you have a lot of other positive qualities about yourself. And to a women’s brain it signals to her you are a high quality man. And women are attracted to men who are winners at life or men who demonstrate success indicators(wealth). If you can demonstrate wealth to her, yes, she may find the bling and wealth attractive, but if you don’t have game you won’t really keep her hooked. So yes women do care about money, but, usually it’s not for the reason men usually assume

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