Does everything in life have to be a competition

Davinci Neptune

Nothing is wrong competition in of itself. I am a big fan of video gaming, and I was highly competitive and I am highly skilled at video. Every game I played in I kicked massive butt. I was that good I promise, everyone knew my name, respected me and feared me(to some extent).

I was so good they used to think I was cheated(ask my friends about this).

Not everything in life is a competition. Competitive energy is more approriate for things like sports or anywhere the energy is more approriate.

For the random people you meet make sure they want the energy you want to offer.

What’s a safe rule of thumb? Match-Mirror.

If they are being competitive or want competition then EXPRESS the energy. It is important to be authentic yet, be relatable, and be in the flow.

If you are being competitive and other people are being peaceful you are ruining the vibes.

Socializing is not a competition. Socializing is about having fun and making happy.

Until Next Time,

Davinci Neptune(Gerardo Morillo)

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