Get Rid of These 5 LOW VIBRATION Mistakes Once and For All

Low Vibration - Gerardo Morillo -

Get Rid of These 5 LOW VIBRATION Mistakes Once and For All

Hey what’s up friends this is Gerardo Morillo spiritual King and today talk about what are some low vibration normally I like to talk about the positives for the positives are more important than knowing what are the negatives what do they have figure I will speak to you about what are some of the things that you should be avoiding of.

Number One:Gossiping

Gossiping is by far one of the most Insidious toxic and low vibration thing that you can do I couldn’t not gossiping is really really really toxic now obviously I’m not saying that you should never speak about other people and social situations there are moments where speaking about other people is perfectly fine and perfectly acceptable and that’s okay in fact you know we are social creatures and that’s one way we keep each other in check is by talking about each other however if you find yourself only talk about other people and not about anything else this is very low vibration now this is also when someone is trying to figure life out and they’re trying to understand life but they’re at they’re at a place where they’re trying to understand people by how they compare to other people and that’s what they talk about set the summarizes here is more here yes it’s okay to talk about people but it should not be your main focus you should not be looking at other people as like you know let me go talk bad about that person that’s low vibration in fact when you talk about when you talk negative about other people you also bring yourself in a negative state to that’s bad karma or bad luck

Number Two:Eating Junk Food

Obviously you’re going to be the judge as to what is healthier what is not healthy for further for more references go online and check out what are some healthy foods what are some low vibration Foods or some healthy foods now we’re going to adhere is it just because it’s junk with me that you can’t ever eat it sometimes you may want to grab a quick snack and that you may be your intuition telling you the snack maybe you maybe you have to maybe you you deserve a guilty pleasure or so you allow yourself to do that and that is perfectly acceptable in all honesty Maybe that’s part of you that is block or something so you do feel drawn to certain types of food you can heal that kind of pain points sometimes people who feel depressed they like to eat like something like sugar or candy or something to give them a dopamine Rush.

Number three:Toxic people and Toxic environment

These two could be on two different topics but essentially they come down to be pretty much the same thing you want to remove all types of negativity all types of toxic this inclusive people and your environment now one thing to add here is that just because something you know people disagree with you or people don’t like what you’re doing doesn’t mean that you’re toxic it could just mean that they don’t know how to properly respond to the level that you want the response at. Toxic people you can identify them by their intention if they mean well General toxic if they mean well they just don’t know how to respond that is lack of lack of knowledge instead of toxicity. If you find your your environment is not trying to help you in any kind of way then most likely it is a toxic environment toxic people if they don’t mean well if they’re not trying to help you with are most likely talk to people probably selfish people or they just don’t know what to do. One of any environment is to create a harmonious relationship among the community where everyone is benefiting from. If you’re giving all your resources and time away and energy way and you’re not being reimburse, then it is toxic. I like to really recommend you get out of that ASAP or the plug on that real quick. You deserve your time to be reimbursed it you deserve your energy to be replenished. If you find yourself in a situation where people are not trying to help you get to help you win then you need to get out of that because that is very toxic.

Number Four:Time-wasting

Do you ever find yourself dozing off and not being productive? This is a very low vibration thing to do that’s why it’s not personal thing you know sometimes you know you just don’t know what to do or you find yourself daydreaming or not or maybe you did with the guidance. If you find yourself time you must rely on yourself with your goals. Pick a goal you must have a goal and you must have habits that take you in the direction of your goals. If you find yourself time-wasting perhaps don’t know where you’re going are you perhaps you don’t know what to do to go there time-wasting slough. Time-wasting is deadly sins do you want to avoid time-wasting at all cost. If you must create yourself a rule I must do one thing a day to progress forward. Rules of keep you in check. Maybe you want to write down your daily plans or your daily to-do list journal on a note that you want to hang it up on the wall or maybe one for your poster so that you can remind yourself what you got to do. Reminding yourself is key to a prevent any form of time-wasting. Time-wasting cab due to multiple different things such as lack of energy lack of Direction like, poor diet, lack of guidance, lack of focus, low dopamine is a lot of reasons why someone is time-wasting. If you want to avoid time-wasting pick something that you enjoy doing and practice. That thing for an hour work you know it at the time of how much you commit to it doesn’t really matter for saying but just that you are committed. If we’re being brutally honest we are summon on this planet to great work. If one is not craving work one can I eat one can I pay the bills one as soon as low-tier low social status and the eyes of others. You want to avoid at all costs because I suppose you’re at the bottom two are you want to create work and it will put you at the high social status and it will,and from other people.

Number 5: Poor Health

Your health is a reflection of where your current state is and also every time you know what what car is that your vibration is. If your health was an emoji what type of emoji would it be. This is like a big indicator of where you are on the vibration. How do you find yourself feeling negative this is a indicator that you have something that you need to fix. Whether it be thought forms or patterns whether it be emotional patterns, or something from your past, and or anything else. This is a reflection of who you are and where you are in your current development. This is a bit out of topic but if you find yourself in poor says go out for a walk go meet some new people and it will bring you out of those states. Sometimes we we get stuck and patterns because we are stuck on certain Loops because we keep playing the same actions and thinking that we are going to be getting different results. I’m assuming number 5 is Pour House so your diet is also a is key for helping you feel good about yourself. If you find your emotions or your thoughts are out of control this is a reflection to be fixed.

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