Gone Like The Wind

Gone Like The Wind

I’ve been dreaming of going somewhere far far away where no one knows my name.

Then a kid approaches me with me wearing my trench coat, black beanie, looking like a character from Final Fantasy.

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The kid tells me Hey, Mr. I got chocolate bars.

So I ask. How much?

The Kid: $10 a pop.

Holy sweet mother. $10 pop? (thinks in head)

I bought one to boost the kid’s confidence and give him some momentum as a fine salesman he will be one day.

I have a slight edgey, bad boy look, but deep down I am really a kind soul.

How can I not? With all the suffering I endured for many years. My empathy levels are out of this world.

They will never know that who they just speak to is a Man of God.

But, before they can even figure me out or I create enough rapport so we can be comfortable around each other.

I am gone.

But, they will always remember that man. Something was different about him.

He didn’t talk much, but he never did any wrong. I would like to see that man again, something was just different with him…

But, before they even get the chance I am gone like the wind. Without any clues.

So, I move to the next town and repeat the same process again. With my new information, I picked up from the last storyline I can even make rapport faster this time around.

However, one thing about rapport is because in my head I’ve already seen the future I think they are somehow comfortable with me in this moment.

In other words, I am years ahead, already seeing us as friends, but here looking at me like who the fuck are you.

A man like me can’t stay anywhere for too long.

I am left wondering if rapport is something I can accelerate or not. With the tools and arsenals, I have my disposal to make people fall in love with me it should be cake..

It still seems like rapport is something that must be created through a series of events.

Which is rather unfortunate.

Because the typical way of building rapport is the long roundabout awkward phase. Day 1, Day 2 , Day 3 , Day 4, and so forth. Each day is a sequence of awkward days arriving until the relaxation occurs.

And before they know it I am gone.

I could never stay anyway for too long.

Who was that man? Will we ever see him again?

Probably, not.

I already moved to the next town seeing what kind of story I can create next.

Still practicing creating the storytelling timeline.

With just a bit more practice I will be able to create any story I want.

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