Health is number 1

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During my battle with the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, constipation, hemrroids, abdominal pain, and other horrible side effect I rediscovered the ancient truth of why health is number one.

The most important thing in the world is not money; it is health.

If you do not have health you have NOTHING.

Let me cover a little back story about why I started taking drugs in the first place. I’ve been dating a beautiful girl for months(or what seems like months) or years.

Recently we have been going tons of inner turmoils, resistances, power battle dynamic, fight for control, fight for who is superior in a relationship.

Which is shocking to me because this isn’t love. While me and my girlfriend truly LOVE each other, we got into many pointless arguments that I couldn’t believe. She sounded like a 5 year old in most of her logic arguments. “FEED ME UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.” We honestly looked like a bunch of teenagers argueing about the dumbest topics. It was silly…Yet, everyone around thought it was hilarious.We looked dumb. Relationships is not a competition with your lover. Relationship is loving, forgiving, harmony. Relationships is a partnership.  You must allow yourself to trust your partner open yourself up and be more vulnerable.

All the while not giving anything in return. This is breaking the law of exchange. The law of exchange is you must give energy of equal value or greater value.

So this is where the drugs kicked in. I was so stressed and emotionally torn I was desperate I’ll tell you. I thought these drugs could help me cope or deal with the emotions I was facing.

As a man when your women is disagreeable with you it shows she does not trust you or truly loves you. She made me look incredibly bad. In addition, we had plans for marriage…

While, I still love this women, she has much to work on her end as far as what it means to have a healthy relationship that is not based on power-control.

Long story short, she has been through tons in her life, and has a hard time trusting people, being vulnerable, has social anxiety, and is generally closed off.

I love the women, but she has her faults that make her slightly unbearable at times.

So, I went to the psychiatrist to pick me up some drugs to handle the emotions I was facing. I told her I didn’t want to feel these low vibes emotions, and she kept forcing me into these low vibes because of her inability to see my perspective.

And so I took a anti-depressant called laxoparm and I later used Abilify.

And to keep a long story short(once more I know) I experienced the worse side effects known to man; chronic fatigue, laziness, hyperness, inability to focus.

To be fair the laxoparm wasn’t too bad I would give it a 7/10 but, it made me emotionless and more fatigue. It wasn’t too bad at all though

Abilify was a nightmare of a drug. I literally went from being cool, calm and collective to having full blown ADHD yet not being able to focus on anything. It was like having all the hyperness you needed to do work, while missing the ability to focus.

Thus, I suffered for 2-4 months of drug side effects. WHAT A NIGHTMARE I TELL YOU!

Then, later, on I started to have cramps in my stomach that made life unbearable. I was in SO MUCH PAIN. I was on the verge of giving up multiple times. But I am strong fighter, I fought with all my might.

Funny thing is I thought my girlfriend had something to do with why my life was hell, but she, I was just going through massive side effects.

And from this experience I learned why the most important thing in life is your health an happiness!

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