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How Brainwashing Anyone Is Easier Than You Think – Davinci Neptune

How To Brainwash Anyone The Easy Way - Davinci Neptune

How Does Brainwashing Work?

The mind is very sensitive to information.

Anything that the moment collects leaves imprints on the brain.

This is how advertisements and subliminal work.

A commercial ads is attempting to convince you or more specifically bombard your brain with data to make you buy or crave or whatever their goal is.

For example, let’s say you watch an ad on pizza, all of the sudden you crave pizza.

Then you go buy some pizza.

This effectively, is how brainwashing works, they elicited desire onto you, which made you go buy pizza.

Previously you had no idea of buying anything until the ad hit you.

Then it made you take action.

All of this happens so quickly and below our conscious awareness.

Sometimes, we think it’s even own idea.


Can Everyone Be Brainwash?

Men and women all can be brainwashed due to the nature of how the mind works.

The mind is an open field for collecting data and information and the subconscious mind will then run it on autopilot if it deems important.

The way it works is that if the data or imprint was sent into your mind as important you will believe and have a more preference towards those things.

Let’s be clear here, no one can escape brainwashing.

We are all subjected to being brainwashing at any moment of the day.

The word brainwash is a bit of an exaggeration.

What people usually mean by brainwashing is when people are social engineers who knows how to manipulate the mind of the masses on a conscious level.

Realistically, on a daily basis it’s not brainwashing taking place unless it’s the government, politicians, advertisers, or any influences.


How Are People Brainwashed In Cults?

It’s actually a lot easier than people think to create a cult.

But, only if you are the one running a cult.

You cannot brainwash people if you are one of the followers of the cult because your message won’t be heard.

You can however, go on the down-low and infiltrate the cult.

Just like how some religions do. In example, a christian going to a catholic church to convert them to Christianity.

If you are the leader and with basic leadership skills and basic social skills you can brainwash people to your message or ideas.

Why is this?

We are group species and going against the herd or the pack causes people to hate you and get you kicked out of the group.

If you go against the group, you are essentially will be on the bottom of the hierarchy, and/or get kicked out of the group.

Which is why conformity in a cult or any social environment is how you live.

You must adapt or you will suffer the negative consequences.

Leaders with a vision and message will get people to obey and agree to their belief system.

People, want the leader to be successful, they hope the leader has good intentions.

And, most of the time, people do have good intentions.

But, there are some people who are very conscious and know how to manipulate and control the masses to obey them and use them for whatever agenda.

Common examples of a cult is any church or even the military.

I don’t like using the church as a cult example, because for the most part they do have good intentions, but it is the same structure as a cult.

The idea of a church is sound.

But, the danger is you can get programmed into following the wrong ideas and beliefs system especially by other people who are getting brainwashed.

With some advance hypnotic language patterns you can convince people to follow ideas and agree to ideas, they may not be in their best interest.

And because you must conform to the environment and agree to the environment otherwise you are threat this makes it incredibly easy to manipulate and control everyone.

If you are the leader of a group or a cult, simply pick ideas you wish to promote and learn hypnosis or hypnosis language patterns.

Covert hypnosis will get people to agree to your ideas with very little resistance because it bypasses their conscious filters.

One thing to note is you will get some resistance from highly intelligent people.

But, anyone who stays in the group for a long time will be subject to brainwash because they will have to comply to the rulers sooner or later.

Also, if one disagree with the group and their agendas, it kinda begs the question why are they even their.

If the individual desires to be their own leader, and is in a cult/social environment, they are better to just leave the group and create one for themselves.


How To Avoid Being Brainwashed?

Like mentioned earlier there is really no way to avoid being brainwashed.

You can however, limit the amount of outside influence.

Choose the right type of people to listen to or you may pick up the right ideas and beliefs.

They may also ruin your psyche and ruin your life.

Choose people who you can trust you guide you in the right direction.

Good leaders will empower you and inspire you. It will feel like you are making progress in your life.

The wrong leaders will take away your money and precious type all the while making it look like you are progressing in your life, but really they have you right where they want you.

Brainwashed confused unable to see past the illusions of what is happening.

They will leave you questioning your own reality and your own ability to think.

This is also known as gaslighting- when people influence your perception of reality to such a degree you start to question your own judgement.

Reduce the amount of type consuming the news and all social media.

You still want to be aware of what’s going on, but, you don’t want to allow that stuff to affect your life.

Because, all of these information will bombard you into panic, negativity, fear, etc.

Take control of your mind and learn to control your own thinking.

Learn from great minds who can you wisdom and how to think.


The information is extremely powerful for those of you who get it. I leave this information for you to use for your own discretion. The information here is not to bring awareness and not to encourage people to use this for evil. I leave you the reader to use this information responsibly.


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