How Social Media Brainwashes You

How Social Media Brainwashes you - Davinci Neptune

You think because they have 1 hour of success that they somehow have perfect lives this is known as overlay or hypnosis.

We think one way about someone because of their 10-mins they have on TV, movies, or whatever.

Reality is nothing like fairy tale. 

Real life is filled with the awkward lulls in between.

No one really knows what they are doing people are just winging it in between.

But, everyone loves to look like they have all the answers.

Everyone loves to look like they have their lives all sorted out and figured out, especially in front of social media.

Social media is nothing but looks and appearances, no one really who they portray to be, on their platforms.

It is very much like their BEST representation.

When you meet people in person and in real life, you will see people’s true nature.

Not because they are bad people or trying to purposely lie, but because, we humans love

to look our best in front of other people. Nothing wrong with this per se.

But, don’t believe the lie that people are who they try to be online.

Online it’s very easy to fake a persona, especially if you are on YouTube for just 10-minutes a day.

People can put up a front for 20 minutes a day, but they can fake it in real time when you are with them in person.

Because reality is filled with silence, and awkward moments when we are just winging it.

But the digital age everyone is Hollywood famous, or wannabe celebrity.

People make all kinds of assumption about other people based on what they see,

that may or not be true. As I mentioned it is very easy to fake a persona on social media.

All you need is 10-20 minutes daily, and people will expect you are this or that way 24/7.

Or, that you “already made it”.

This is part of the marketing, and advertisement strategies that people sell to others,

to get them to believe an IDEA. Reality and people are much different than the social media.

If you meet most of these people in real life you will find they are less than what they are on their social media platform.

Not necessarily because they are faking it, but, because it is their best impression they are showing to people.

The truth is you can never really know someone based upon their social media platforms.


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