How Thirsty Are You For Sex?

How Thirsty Are You For Sex?

Like it or not women will manipulate the hell out of you if they sense you are desperate for sex.

It’s their game, so to speak, and your job as a man is to learn how to play.

If you radiate this energy of you are desperate and needy for sex most women will be turned off.

Some pretend like they may be interested, but the reality is they will just you for entertainment.

How do you get out of this predicament?

Take a step back, recover yourself and your pride.

Go out and talk to multiple different women, and experiment having sex with multiple partners.

That way you don’t come across as insecure or a desperate guy looking to get laid at any and all cost.

Girls will sense this and they will try to control your neediness or desperateness.

The goal is to be above the need.

Stop wanting it desperately.

You can want sex.

Sex is normal and healthy.

But, don’t be desperate for it that you will be a slave to any girl who happens to give you attention. Don’t be so desperate that you become her little play toy.

Let her know you are a man with plenty of options.

This is called “Abundance.”

Women are attracted to men who radiate abundance energy because it imples you are a man of high value and a man in demand.

If you had sex with plenty of other women it implies you are wanted. It implies you are worthy. It implies you were good enough for women in the past, so she will perceive you as a man of high value. Again, all of this stuff is imaginery, but, when it comes to attraction women don’t know this nor can they control who they are attracted to because their instincts are out of control.

If you are man full of abundance you can remind her listen I’ve plenty of options I have another girl whose texting and calling me on constant basis.

I don’t recommend playing these type of games. But, if she is not seeing your worth, kindly remind her she is with a high man of high value whose wanted by women.

Sometimes, they need to be reminded they have something special. And you need to let them know this, because, women will forget once they have you or think they have you.

People often forget the value of something once they already have it. Every now and then remind them you can walk away at any point. You can easily replace her at any point.

This will put the pressure on her to want to keep you instead of you looking desperate for the sex.

By flipping it around and conveying high value she will feel the pressure and will want to lock you down, as opposed to playing these weird games.

Constantly keep reminding her you are a man of high value, who can multiple women, and you don’t really NEED HER.

There are plenty of other options out there that you can get.

You won’t cry or beg her.

If she leaves you so what.

You will move on and find someone else.

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