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Most people want things to please their friends, family, society. There is nothing wrong with this. In life, if you don’t play you fall behind and get stuck, which will make you more stuck. What do I mean by this? The more money you make the more money you make. The more popular you get the more popular you get. The more fame you get the more fame you get. Life is about expanding and getting more and more. Expanding upwards up the game and social ladder.

However, never forget what you really value the most which is your integrity. The things that you really value. Not the things you value to impress your friends and family or anyone else for that matter. You’ve been probably playing the game of life for a long time. People pleasing to everyone to make sure everyone likes. Trying to change everyone so everyone is on your side. And I hear you, there is nothing wrong with that, from the perspective of expanding your vibrations.

However, is all that making you happy. What if I told you, there was a better way. Why not simply focus on your mission your life’s purpose about what you really wanted to do in the world. What did you really want to do before you started chasing dollars, fame, and status? What was it when your intentions were pure, huh?

For me it was making the world a beautiful place. A place people can be happy to live and be free and be open to be themselves. A long the way bad things happened and I myself got dark along the process. It’s one of those things when you suffer through a lot of pains it becomes very difficult to not hold onto negativity. But, as a mature person you cannot hold on to negativity because negativity will only make it worse.

Life is what it is. There are no real meanings to life other than the meanings we give it. Which means you choose what you want to life. What does life mean for you? And what what sort of reality do you want to share with your universe? Are you being true to yourself and who you are. Or has your ambitious blinded you from your true purpose. Look friend, sometimes you need to go from light to dark to understand both sides of the perspectives, but, choose your path carefully.

It’s very easy to keep going a path of temptations and each one tasting delicious, but, you’ve abandon your true nature and your purpose of why you are even here on the planet in exchange for richness, fame, celebrity, status, etc.

Or does that not matter anymore?

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