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In this article, you will learn tips and strategies on How To Become An Alpha Male. Much conversations speak about becoming an alpha male because everyone wants to understand how to gain more power, sex, and how to get more out of life. While much talk out there is a great foundation for how to become an alpha male there are some key missing pieces to the puzzle and here we will go over great tips for you to unleash your inner alpha.

What Is An Alpha Male?

An alpha male, is someone who is a leader of the pack. An alpha is a man who display “alpha” qualities and others naturally submit to him, by choice, not by force. People naturally follow a leader with answers to life BECAUSE THEY WANT TO, not because, a man is forcing to follow them just “because.” Well, because what? So you can look more alpha in the social situation? It seems rather silly honestly. Yet, that is the logic that most humans follow.

Why All The Social Drama?

I didn’t understand the drama very well when I was young. Now, I realize, humans are biologically programmed to compete for this leadership position or alpha role.


Because being in the leadership position grants you more money, power, sex, etc. So by doing better than the other players you are more attractive, thus, get more benefits(sex+resources+friendships, etc).

In some sense, the instincts is created to help us organize and recreate the tribe in a way where the alpha is leading the tribe to victory. Now, the problem is, humans have brought this on a conscious level by understanding how all of this works. Which creates a new set of problems.

Alpha is usually the one who is naturally the alpha not the one trying to be alpha. For example, you are the best at something skill X, so, people naturally come to you for answers regarding that topic. 

Also, alpha is the ones with the most MONEY. When you have the most money you tell others what to do and they will follow and obey[Law of Authority].

We follow people and obey people instantly who are the authorities. For example, when you visit the doctor’s office they tell you what to do and many of the times we just take their word for it because they are the authorties.

Note*: Now, replace, doctor in this case for anything else that is applicable.

The Origins of All This?

Once upon a time we were caveman and cavegirls(tribe) and the men who were most alpha got to insert their sperm into the womb of a female. Thus, storing his DNA. We are the byproduct of men and women of the past competing for procreation. 

We have these signals that make us feel a certain way because it helps us to survive(instincts) which suggest to us “If I do this I can get more power, sex, respect, etc.”

Don’t Fight Your Natural Desires

I won’t suggest you fight your natural urges or instincts as that would be suicide, yet, recalibrate it in a way that is healthy.

For example, instead of “I want power to get more money and sex.”

Change the intent to ” I want to save the world and help the world be a better place.”

That is a lot better for several reasons. It puts you more in the “leadership” position, it makes you more pure with your intentions.

It will also give you the side effects of gaining everything you are looking for in terms of power, money, sex,etc.


Women want a man of God ultimately. Many men get this all wrong, because, they get hurt by life and try to dominante and seek power.

This is a decent strategy so for example up until a certain point. Look at the example below and see if this seems familiar to you.

Male 1:
F*ck these women I am going to dominate these women now, I am going to boost my testosterone, hit the gym, get money and show them whose boss.

That’s me! I am the boss and she will obey me and do everything I say because I am the man.

I am the MAN and she is the WOMEN so she will obey me.

This mindset is decent, because it forces the man to obtain power, hit the gym, boost testosterone, win at life, etc.

Yet, it also misses the point entirely. She wants to FEEL GOOD, and FEEL LOVED, PROTECTED, SAFE, etc.

So, when a man adopts this strategy, they become more cynical and overbearing. They also become really boring men and overly serious about life.

Women want a “MAN”, right, that’s what they say, yet, keep in mind, she wants to be loved.

ANd this is the issue with the typical alpha male approach.

It is a good “mid tier” strategy because you climb up higher in the social ladder + win more at life, and become more attractive as a whole.

But, it undermines, what she is truly seeking – A man of GOD.

Don’t get me wrong. I recommend this strategy for most men. The path of power – this path will help you obtain EVERYTHING and become more in control of your reality.

Yet, the con of this, it’s really easy to become cynical, pessmissitic, dark, shallow, boring, and a wide range of other negative qualities.

As you can see in most PUA(pick up artist) movements or most men who swallowed the red pill. These guys are depressed as hell. You guys remember Neil Stratus, and Mystery and his crew? These men were not happy man. You can’t swallow the red pill and be happy that’s a bit of an oxymoron, yet you can learn it and try to still be “sane.”

Once more, it’s better than the beta male strategy of being a loser to life, doing nothing productive, wasting life, not hitting the gym, not reading anything at all, etc.

Beta males, are essentially low levels players who are unwise the game of life. So that is essentially what we mean.

Every man by default starts as a beta male. When we are young we go through the same process of being a slave following the rules and the game.

All my life I know of the game and I knew if I can get money I can become free and do everything I truly desire.

This is where the alpha male strategy comes in. If you want to become an “alpha” you have to learn the rules of the game, human nature, the programs, get more money, climb up the ladder, get more power, get higher testosterone levels, become more wise, etc.

But, it’s important to understand there are different degrees and levels of alpha.

The above is a great mid-tier alpha male game strategy, yet, at some point, you will realize and she will realize there is something  “missing.”

What’s the problem?

It’s not the complete man. The complete man is the full spectrum. He is powerful, he is wise, he is loving, he is the 7 colors of the rainbow, he is divine masculine, he even is divine feminine, and he is GOD. He is the ALPHA and THE OMEGA.

The perfect man is EVERYTHING and NOTHING.

That’s where you want to get to as a man where you radiate GODLIKE qualities. Which is the issue with the midtier alpha game strategy. It focuses on aspect “power” but then it misses the point entirely.


That is my conclusion on How To Become An Alpha Male. In short, the path of power is an effective route because it does suggest to her you are an alpha male and is more effective than the other strategies.

But, to become a full alpha male you must radiate God in all of his qualities or the perfect men if you prefer. When you become fully alpha you will realize people naturally entering into your frame of reality without you putting much effort. They will just “sense” it and want to be around you.

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