How To Give Constructive Feedback

Most people love giving advice.

Most people hate receiving advice.

A lot of things work this way in our reality.

Giving advice feeds the person self-ego and sense of superiorness.

It’s almost like ” You need my advice BECAUSE I am smarter than you.”

This is the frame most people come from when they are giving advice.

“I am better than you.”

Good advice is rare in an overwhelming information world.

Wait really?

Well, yes, because it forgets to address the WHEN.

What do I mean by this?

There are billions and thousands of advice one can receive or give at any moment of time, yet, what is the right advice the moment I am speaking to needs RIGHT NOW.

That’s the part that is often forgotten.

What is the best advice here and now this moment for the person I am speaking to?

Now, don’t get me wrong sometime, you may just want to be free-flowing and do whatever comes naturally. And sometimes you need to just lay it down on the table. That’s fine.

But to create DEEP and meaningful change work you must always keep in mind what is the right advice(tip, strategy, tactic, etc) for the person you are speaking to.

That is why I speak to people most people’s problems are instantly solved within a matter of seconds.

Well, to be fair, there are many hundreds of secrets and tools I have at my disposal. I wish I could cram it here in this article, but it’s too advance and would make this rather awkward to cram in one article.

For this article, just try to keep in mind the other people’s need and wants IN THIS MOMENT!

Great feedback is awesome!

But, when feedback is done in a way is rude it can be discouraging.

In fact, you may even want to socialize less.

You see a lot of suffering here in today’s world because of LACK OF EXPRESSION.

Everyone wants to EXPRESS, BUT, no one has anyone like YOU to speak to.

You truly make life enjoyable by you just being there.

Sometimes you don’t even say much.

Just by you being interested and listening without placing judgment you make me feel better.

You make me feel like I can truly be naked around you.

No one else is like you!

The wrong advice is annoying as hell, to be frank!

It’s like they are not even listening or responding so they AVOID LOOKING DUMB.

“Advice Giving” as some would call it, is, really all about the TIMING of when to say your tip or suggestion.

Everything someone says is a clue and an insight about what’s inside someone’s brain.

So pay close attention to what is someone is saying because it tends to reveal a lot even if it’s a thought process they are having at this moment.

But, most, of the time it tends to reveal the thought process they have been pondering quite often.

Consider what the person is saying and try to make it RELEVANT to what they are looking for in this moment.

Sometimes, you might get it wrong, so long as you come from the RIGHT INTENT of ” I want to share / I want to help you” in a very honest way.

There is no doing it wrong.

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