How To Handle Emotionally Unavailable Men

Ladies do you find yourself attracted to an unemotionally man and wondering what to do about it? In this article, we are going through an experience on how to handle these type of men. Now, there are a lot of different ways I can go and approach this. Why are you attracted to emotionally unavailable men? Do you like to fix broken projects and make them into superstars?

Ladies you deserve a man who is going to treat you like a queen. If he is not going to treat you like a queen then he has to go because he obviously doesn’t have his priorities in line. And you must find someone else who is open for you in the relationship.

There is an exception here; if you feel he has potential then you must be willing to be more assertive with this man. Why? Isn’t that against dating typical protocols. Yes, you could say that however if you want this type of relationship with this specific man who is not emotionally available for whatever reason you must be willing to be more assertive. Which means you will have to break a lot of dating protocols. If you are not willing, then ideally you find yourself another man because if hes not emotionally available he won’t care whether you stay or go.

Now, if you want to escalate further with this man this is what you do. You break his shell. Why is he emotionally detached? Has he previous bad breakups? Does he assume people don’t really care? Does he assume people are selfish? There is an underlying reason why he is not willing to express emotionally. And if you REALLY WANT THIS GUY then you must find out how to elicit that MISSING PIECE. (Tip:This is assuming physical attraction is not a problem)

If you want him to commit then you must show him something he has never seen before(while finding why he is distant). Once you find out why he is distant than just SHOW HIM IT. Now, let’s assume this man doesn’t assume people care or people are serious about love and that is why he is distant. If you show him you can do this he will open up to you because you will be different than everyone else he has ever met before. You will be one of a kind!


-Find out why he is distant

-Get him to open up

-Give him the missing piece

-Be willing to be more assertive


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