How To Love

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Love is by far one of the most important subjects and most interesting subject known to man.

Why? Everyone is wondering how to get more love in their lives. Everyone is trying to figure out the mystery of getting more love.

Yet, have we ever asked ourselves how do you get loved? How does one go about getting love?

It turns out it is much more simple than I had thought, but much more complicated when you go and do it.

How do you love other people? You do so by loving yourself first!

Common sense, right? Well, duh! Well all know to love ourselves or that we should love ourselves.

But, how many of us take the time to actually love ourselves…

Not many because we don’t know how to do it. We don’t know how to love ourselves.

Because, we were never taught how to love ourselves.

So how do you love yourself?

Without revealing too much of the mystery I will tell you that you must love all the parts of yourself that makes you. You must love you and when you fill your cup the love you have for yourself will spill to other people. The love you have for yourself will transfer to other people.

People will sense something uniquely different about you because they will notice you are different than anyone else. Everyone is looking for love and when you radiate love people will instantly become drawn to you. This is one of the most powerful things you can learn how to do which is to love yourself. True love is power, my friends.

When you love yourself so intensely people will pickup the energy you give off and will just sense this energy and instantly move torwards your directions. You will notice people coming to you out of the blue for some strange reason. You might even feel a little scared at first or nervous. As if like why are they coming to me so easily. Why are people approaching me out of the blue.

Don’t worry you will get used to it after a while.

Begin to love yourself by honoring all your memories, and appreciating all your memories, and the efforts you’ve made in the past. Begin to love your past as life lessons that have taught you valuable lessons and wisdom about life. Because your past has taught you what you need to know about life. Your past has made you grow stronger and made you understand life to a much greater level.

God is the eternal now, remember that friends. Your past was a life lesson not a death sentence. Everything you went through in the past was preparing you for who you will become and helping you become your greatest version. Sooner or later you will see everything had it’s divine purpose for why all things happen the way they did. They were pushing you towards expansion and higher levels of truths.

Deep inside you is love, true love, when you honor yourself, people will mirror the love you have for yourself and people will love you. Start by giving yourself the support and nourshment you need to be more happier in your life.

Remember, don’t be filling out other people’s cups if you cup is empty. While it may be nice to give people a hand, you do more harm to yourself if you are not in the best place to be giving support in the first place and it will just create more troubles in the relationship. Remember to go to slowly, as slow as you need to. Learning how to love yourself is by far one of the best things you can learn. Learning how to love yourself is one of the surest ways to help you create the life you want!


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