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How To Make Yourself More Attractive(+how to attract what you want)

How To Make Yourself More Attractive(+how to attract what you want)

There are plenty of techniques and strategies to get you more attractive.

But, ultimately, attraction is internal based.

So, if you want people to like you, you can either be yourself and just attract the people you vibe with the best.

Or, alternatively you can learn how to adapt your personality to other peoples’ needs-wants, because by morphing yourself into what they like in theory they will like you.

Note: this must be done in a subtle fashion. If it’s too obvious it will backfire!

Both methods work quite well, the first one is much more preferred because it allows you to be your normal self.

Sometimes, you can’t control who you are attracted to because they unconsciously fulfill your unconscious desires.

Generally, speaking it’s a good indicator when you are naturally attracted to someone.

Note, this does not mean they are THE ONE or whatever.

Sometimes, people are just Ms/MR.right Now.

People who are generally attracted to each other have a certain compulsion to be near the one they are attracted to.

If you can be near someone you have a closer chance at being noticed by them or befriending them.

It’s important to know attraction is not a choice.

We are attracted to certain types of people because they match our criteria on a deep down level.

Usually, those are worth exploring.

However, attraction is a two way street.

No matter how strong your attraction is for someone if they don’t feel the same it will just end being unrequited love.

You don’t actually need to know how attraction works per se to get some good results.

But, you do need to have strategies that move you a little closer.

Like what? For example, some shy people avoid social situations which will make them less likely to attract friends and lovers.

The opposite is also true.

If you feel the urge to move closer to your desires despite the fear, then, you are more likely to attract the situation you want.

People who attract what they want, do so because they are willing to put themselves in the situation to either receive or to take action towards their desires.

Resistance of any kind is a QUICK KILLER to any desires.

If you are someone who shies away during any resistance you are naturally sending the “leave me alone” signal.

People most of the time will respect your boundaries.

Every now and then you can get lucky and someone will come to your rescue but this is incredibly unreliable.

It’s not that you have to do everything. But, you have to be openly allowing to either take action or to receive.

And receiving is rather easy.

Just put yourself in the situation to naturally attract what you want.

It’s okay to feel some resistance, but, just know this for the most part this will lower your chances of attracting the outcome you want.

If resistance comes up there are a few things you can do:

  1. Go for a walk – Change the atmosphere
  2. Self-access – Try to understand why you are feeling resistance

If possible, never run, unless you have to. There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed, and perhaps try again later or another when you are more ready.

But, just remember every time you shy away or run away you are sending a message to the universe that you don’t want something.

In short people who do get what they want move in the direction of their desires.

People who don’t usually because of fear or resistance move away from what it is they want.