How To STOP Being Desperate

Humans have an infinite amount of desires.

When striving towards your desires sometimes you might feel a little desperate.

Essentially, to chase a want or a desire is because you are in the LACK of that desire.

Which means that desire has POWER over you.

There are many ways to fill a void.

Either one you  FULFILL the need or you mentally DEATTACH yourself from the need.

Personally, I prefer fulfilling the void head-on as this will give you more life experiences and will give you proof you are not MISSING ANYTHING AT ALL.

Sometimes in life, we feel like we are missing out on something because the world is bombarding us with multiple stimuli.

In fact, this is one of their tactics to get you to buy, to trigger one of your emotional pain points.

You will never get a boyfriend because you are not as good looking as these models. Buy our make-up product because you can feel better about yourself and MAYBE get a boyfriend by looking prettier.

Of course, nothing is directly stated, but it’s all IMPLIED.

Perfectly implied to trigger pain points.

As you can see, this is very insidious.

These people are just trying to use you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Why would you trust them? Well, to be fair there are just doing the AMERICAN BUSINESS.

But, I would clear out of dodge with those shady people who are to trigger you on all kinds of ways to get you to buy their products and services.

When one feels confident, secure, and without neediness, it will be very difficult to trick you into buying products you don’t need.

You will be able to walk away from anything that life throws at you.

Because you are secure in yourself. You are someone who knows what you stand for and won’t tolerate things that are not in accordance with your beliefs and values.

Truth is you don’t need anything. There is nothing at all you need because you come perfect already.

However, if one wants to refine and improve one could certainly research the things that would improve their life.

Technology is amazing today because everything is created to make our life easier and better.

One trick to avoid being desperate is to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT in advance.

Humans will always operate in autopilot(I myself included).

This can be seen as brain economy we will always cut down on thinking when necessary. We will always do less work when possible.

Which is why approaching people in the street 90% of the time is awkward. Most people will always cut the conversation short( me too) BECAUSE just standing there HURTS THE BRAIN.

To stop being desperate the amount thing to know is to collect a vast amount of experiences often known as “references.”

Every time you look back into your memory back your memory will support you and tell you are worthy and that you have enough.

Does your mind support you in accomplishing your goals?

If not, it’s time for a change…

Manifest The Life You Want

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