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Humility Is A Virtue(for good reasons)

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Humbleness is not easy friends, but it is a must, for profound self introspection.

We can say the ability to be humble is a key precursor to contemplation.

It takes a lot to dive within and see oneself as flawed or as one truly is.

There is a difference between self-attack; self-attack is not seeing ones’ own values that are clearly present.

Especially, by other people.

We can be our worst enemies when it comes to how we judge ourselves.

But, with humility you see yourself entirely.

It takes only a matter of minutes to do so, but, this one thing will set you apart from the masses.

This one thing called humility will make you shine like a diamond.

But, we don’t promote humility to those who have it.

If you have humility there is no need to self-depreciate, that person needs to appreciate more that they do possess.

It’s a tricky balance – too much and you can come across as narcissistic to little and you come across as weak and insecure.

Both are unhealthy.

This requires a lot of time, but, is very worthwhile to see ones’ true self.

How do you learn to be more humble?

Anytime you can take a moment to think and say to yourself “hmm…” you are already practicing humility.

All it takes is a moment to practice, and it will set you apart from everyone else.

Humility is not a sexy attribute, but, when you see it in someone it feels REAL, AUTHENTIC, and GENUINE.

People, who cannot practice humility tend to have a very fake, phony, or ingenuine feeling nature.

It takes courage to dive deep in ones’ self, but the wisdom you earn from just moments in-between is limitless.