Learn how to change your mind

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Sometimes there is a problem in the universe that is it not healthy. And you are required to repair the issues you are having. If you feel turmoil inside, then please say something because no one knows what you are going through except for you.

If you need help with anything just ask the universe and the universe will guide you in the right direction. The ideal love is unconditional. Yet, we must remember to not be slaves to our wives, children, babies, husbands, or anyone for that matter. If love is not giving freely, and comes with a lot of strings and baggage then it needs to be let go off.

You are allowed to change your mind at any moment, especially when things are not working. You don’t have to stay in a relationship that is not working for you. If you don’t like something speak up and say something. You don’t have to deal with pain for someone else. You are not a martyr remember that. You don’t have to play the guy or nice girl and suffer for other people’s inability to understand your perspective.

You are not here to accodomate them when you must put yourself first. Remember to put yourself first because in your reality you are the most important. And if you have children, or family then they are also important. Your family will always be there to back you up when you experience troubles. So don’t neglect your needs or the needs of your friends, family, parents, childen etc. Because everyone is a reflection of your consciousness. You are one piece of the song. And so are there.

Your friends, family, are the souls and consciousness you vibe at. And when you leave them behind or forget about them you cause them to suffer. So avoid leaving people who need your help. Help people who need your help because there are people who are hurt. Everyone is going through issues we not know about, and, we have to remember to be kind always. Because, if we are not kind to our types of people, vibes, friends, family, the unvierse, then bad things will happen in our reality. You will attract the wrong kinds of people in your life. These people can have all kinds of acne and bumps which may cause you to feel uncomfortable. And acne might be a sign of stress. So remember clean up your bumps and acne. Clean the house if you have to.

The more you clean the house or home the better your living conditions will which will help you to manifest the type of reality you really desire and plus help you to attract the kind of love and support you are looking for. When you flow correctly with the unvierse the universe will give you the proper support, nourishment, love you need. If you fail to trust the unvierse you might experience a bumpy road in your travels. Indeed, manifesting can be very tricky. The universe itself, consciousness is very bizzare and mysterious. We have to learn when the ideal situation for XYZ is. Otherwise, you will find yourself tired, depressed, moody, and other types of problems.



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