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Make Women Great Again?!

This is a subject that I am in favor for obvious social reasons.

However, there are a lot of issues with this topic as it is.

For one, it is going against big meta philosophies that has popularized in the U.S.

Anything that dominates the public will take a lot of work to remove.

You will be competing against way too many opinions that will try to flame you and bash you for having a differing opinion.

And sometimes you will have to adjust for the popular consensus.

Because more often than not you will lose almost every single time.

It’s to say give up and just let society do its thing?

Not really…

However, it’s to give you a clear insight on what you are competing against.

If you want to get in the game and compete with the big dogs who are running the show then you will need to be equipped for war.

Obviously money to run advertisement and reach out to the majority of people.

The world will not bend over to you without a fight.

The world will defend its position.


Think of it this way…

Consider, people before you fought hard to make the ideas popular as they are today.

So when you try to compete with popular ideas then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

You need to have a strong case with plenty of supporting proof, authority, evidence, etc.

It is very liken to running your case in front of a judge.

With the universe being the judge and you being the plaintiff.

If you just run in and say this is how it should go because I thought of it back at home.

They will laugh at your face and expect to go back home crying to your mommies.

But, when you make a strong case with a clear purpose people will see your perspective much clearly.

Opinions mean nothing when it comes to making change.

Most people think they have an idea but they don’t understand how the system work.

You cannot change something without being filter through a process.

Sort of like levels: level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4.

Or you can think of it as defenses.

The universe is a bunch of layers of consciousness and the higher up you go the more you will need to play to the game they are playing.

I cannot make this more clear, right or wrong, means absolutely nothing.

How you present your case is everything.

Opinions mean nothing.

Even the way people present opinions you could probably see clear biases in it.

Everyone is biased.

Everyone is promoting an idea that best supports them or gives them more power or makes it easier for them without having to put more work.

Governments uses to their advantage because they know people are lazy and will just wait around.

Most ideas that get run by in the universe really isn’t a matter of fact, it’s just someone presenting the case to the universe.

There are plenty of flaws and loopholes in the system if you get to the nitty gritty.

There are TONS of examples for this everywhere.

And mostly because of money.

Money will control people’s ideas(for obvious reason).

It is about money, and yet it is about making society better.

I don’t necessarily want to downplay the latter, but, of course, we all know that is mostly about money.

Anyways, what’s the deal with Men making women great again.

And what is this whole movement about?

This is not something you will see most women favor because it doesn’t favor them they will of course favor something like feminism that is more female empowerment.

We all know the current state of the dating market is literally disgusting heavily favoring women.

And the obvious benefits that it has to being a women over being a man, in addition to plenty of movements that has made it easier to be comfortable.

Because women don’t care or see it from men’s point of view they don’t understand the problem or the issues that we as men face in society.

The standard to being a man is quite this – be perfect like superman or be perfect and you will have a chance with a lucky lady.

But, notice just how I am even phrasing it.

If your total value as a man is let’s say a 9(based on the market standards) and she is let’s say a 6 this is quite a fair deal.

The way female attraction works is men date down and women date up.

Very taxing and exhausting for men to keep up with the pressure of society of having to run around be perfect which also kills your masculinity.

While on the female side, they get to laugh, play, sit back and be saved by Mr.right who is “lucky” to win their hearts.

The thought of being lucky to win a girl’s heart makes me cringe, I don’t know about you.

How are you lucky to win someone’s heart? *vommit*

Generally how attraction works is you test the vibes and chemistry of the other person and you see if it meshes with your own. Then if it feels right you make more dates.

If there is a lot of conflicts between styles wants-needs, etc, then generally the couple is not right for each other.

I am in high support for making women great again despite whether I agree with how it is attacking the market today.

There has been no time better than today to fix the damage that has been done to men.

Men in today’s society don’t even know how to be men anymore.

There is too much confusion, and the world is an utter mess.

Everywhere you go there is an opinion about how you should be.

Truthfully, being a “man” is defining life in your own terms and being comfortable in your skin to do as you please.

That’s it really…

People make these type of things complex.

I will say this most people have opinions only because it favors themselves, their views, their fears, etc.

In short, most people are biased and don’t see the world truly objectively.

Some people don’t invest the proper time to research a topic BEFORE stating an opinion.

A quick google search can show you differing opinions about a popular topic.

People just get offended about things they don’t even know about or take the time to research about.

And this is why if you want to change the universe, you don’t talk to people on a 1 to 1 basis.

This is the wrong move!

Instead, setup a campaign of some sort and promote awareness of your cause.

If however, your idea is clearly in the wrong expect to get shut down.

This doesn’t mean the idea is wrong per se.

It just may be the idea is too ahead of the market.

It just may be the market needs better convincing.

These sort of things require tons of things with plenty of variables.

If you have a strong intention and clear purpose of what you are trying to achieve you can never really go wrong.

If you see a clear problem, then more often than not you will find tons of others who are in harmony with such.

What’s the whole male vs. women thing about anyways?

In short, it’s control and about power.

It’s about convenience and power over the relationship and sex.

Women love anything that supports their narrative because no better way to control men then through sex.

Even just the idea of sex will force men in a situation that is less than desirable.

Women knows this, they are programmed with the art of seduction.

They are equipped with a handful of biases and instincts to help them.

In the men version of the game, we have to work, we have to put in time and dedication in who we are as a man in order to reap the rewards to life.

Women, not so much, just show up and people will give you tons of  free things.

Which is why if you try to change women’s mind on anything pertaining to these topics they will get triggered.

Why? Because they will have a decrease in power.

They are not thinking logically to themselves, let me try to understand man’s pov.

Not really, most women are trying to benefit their own survivability and gather more resources.

It’s hard to care about your needs and the well being of another.

In short the male to female battle is ultimately a battle for control.

Women using sex as a means to control men and get more wealth.

Men reducing the power of women to not be under their spell and gain more control and freedom over their life with plenty of sex.

Most women are not really here to do men favors.

They are here to cater to their side of the story to reap the most rewards without any effort.

Some women will see the male’s pov, ironically enough these are the women who still care.

Who still care about a fair world.

There is something to be said about a women who not only fails to see the male’s perspective, but bashes it brutally hard to feed the female narrative.

Most women are blue pill which favors the female movement.

I am personally not in a support of a side, I try to remain as objective as possible looking at the world the way God would see the world(if that’s possible).

What is the best thing for society, even on a logical level.

And right now, I think it’s time the female narrative takes a huge hit.

What do I think this will results?

Not too much really, but perhaps women will step up and be women again.

Maybe women will apply more effort in their relationships and actually work on themselves then wearing a bunch of make up to look like they are special.

While it’s true a women’s beauty is how she is measures in the market, without a great personality it means nothing.

Sure, it will get sex, but it won’t last long enough.


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