Mastery Takes Preserverence

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If you are on the path of mastery get ready to sweat your blood and tears, out because the path of self-mastery is possibly one of the most challenging things you can do in your life.

What is the path of mastery? The path of mastery is the spiritual work of understanding the nature of reality, thy self, and all the elements that compose of becoming a God(or your greatest version).

Most of what we’ve been taught all our lives is wrong. And, this is what spirituality teaches you, it teaches you to return back to the core, to go back home to your true essence, who you really are. This is why you will always find me saying things like stop putting your attention on the physical. Stop paying attention to the he said she said of the world. There is nothing out there that you need.

With just the basic essential elements of life you can become your best version. That is another big key component that spirituality reveals to you. Everything we need to be happy and whole already exist within us. It’s just waiting for you to back to your center.

That is why enlightenment is usually refered to as a meme of some sort. because for those understand enlightenment is a joke and possibly the most simplest thing you can do. Now of course, it’s going to take a lot of effort, patience, and dedication.

But, mastery is more about becoming whole, balance, and getting rid of 90% of the junk we were holding onto before. A lot of mastery is just reducing the clutter, reducing the mental chatter, becoming aware of the truth that already exist inside of you. You can think of it as a detox of the whole mind-body spirit.

Of course, mastery is challenging…but once you understand the answer, enlightenment and mastery is the easiest thing on the earth. Because, it’s you being yourself without effort. Nothing should be simpler than you being yourself.

Why should being yourself be a difficult thing? It shouldn’t…But, because there is so much noise in today’s modern world, we get distracted with everything outside of us. But, we forget all we need it to mediate, and become aware of ourselves. Because God, or source already equipped you with perfection. We got ourselves out of perfection because “they” or society made us forget who we are and the nature of reality. You could say that’s partially why we even came here for. To learn life once more. Yet, never forget you are God, with amnesia, about who you really are.

The deeper I go into enlightenment the more I realize this isn’t my first time. Everything feels like I’ve done it before. Last night, I had a friendly visit from A dreamer consciousness, let’s call him the HYPNO GOAT.

The hypnogoat likes to dance, party, fun, he is playful, charismatic. He has moves and he loves to show it. What I am referring to here is a part of consciousness that I unlocked. But, these parts I believe are already inside of us. But, society, our parents, our friends, school and religions snuff our truths out of us. That’s why you have to make the effort to self-care yourself because that’s the whole only way you will be whole and fully integrated again.

I’ve been rapidly evolving on the spiritual world lately. And, I am understanding life is one big dream. You can safely relax because the universe has got your back, you just have to surrender and trust in god, the universe, or source. Because, God, is your friend, and will take care of you.

I am also starting to understand life itself is a simulation. It seems like our consciousness is tapped into some super computer known as source, then creates the filters of our reality. There is no time remember that. Time is a mere illusion. The only thing that exist is today. consciousness is a chain of moving parts circulating around like a laundry mats. Thoughts, fragments, or parts, memories that circles around in the mind’s of other people. Because, they go inside other people, it creates the reality. Yet, everything is created first internally then gets projected that’s why you have to control your inner world. The external world is just a mirror of your internal.

Also, understand everyone is you, manifested in the external. You and other are the same. In different degrees of awareness. Your mission is to become whole and fully integrated and in alignment again.

There is much I want to talk about, about the different elements and ingredients of enlightenment, but that’s all I am going to share for now. In a future article, I will be revealing some specifics on how to evolve your spirit body to unlock your higher self.

Remember, your world is your own.

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  1. Thanks , I have just been looking for info about this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?

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