Men Chase Success, Women Chase Men

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Many men dream of attracting the perfect women in their lives.

Some, give up everything to find the right one.

However, this chasing is misplaced.

As women are looking for a men who they want to be a part of.

Someone that will add value to their lives(whatever that might be).

I am sure you probably heard men should get money and then get the girls.

I am in agreement, with this saying, because it just makes everything easier.

With the right setup everything is easier.

She will just kinda fall in place in your life, and the pointless drama, and back and fourth will be dramatically cut.

Will she still give you issues?

Of course, women will give you problems no matter what you do.

But, if you, focus on success you can never go wrong.

What is success?

Success is anything that is defined by you.

Some examples:

  1. A certain amount of income
  2. A certain amount of social skills
  3. A certain lifestyle

Women want a man who does not need them or is desperately wanting them.

Even women get this wrong. Because, on a conscious level chasing success doesn’t give them a direct benefit per se.

Some, interpret that as having less power or less control in the relationship.

Some women will even say they care about the superficial part of life.

But,  once they meet a certain type of man all of that goes out the door.

This is why dating and relationships is highly confusing.

People are confused.

People don’t know what they want.

Most people think they know what they want.

Maybe, intuitively, but if you have to ask about it you will find it that don’t really actually believe that.

And if you were to ask them weeks later or months later the same question you would get a totally different response.

Everyone knows the dating game is completely wild in today’s world.

But, that doesn’t mean you as a man can’t play the game to win.

You have to first learn the basic rules, and once you get the basic it’s not so bad at all.

But in the beginning it will tough because you are in a game that one has told you the rules to.

If I had to go back in time(about this topic) wait before you are ready to date.

You don’t want to date when you are not ready.

Of course, you still take the opportunities that arises.

But, dating is a total disaster when you are ready and don’t have enough for someone into your life.

Their will be too many issues to fix, and too many things that needs to be explained.

Relationships and love work best when it just flows.

Why is that? Because, people are getting their needs met on a unconscious level.

Trying to convince someone to love you on a logical level feels rather awkward.

When you find the right person it will just fit.

You won’t have to force anything.

When you as a man focus on wealth and success ladies will deem you more attractive.

This requires you are proactively building and you are contributing to society as a whole.

Avoid doing it for a women as this will mess up the flow.

The point of men hunting for wealth is to build his characer as a man.

Chasing women doesn’t build character.

And you won’t really be ready for women and the baggage that comes with them.

Instead focus on work, success, money, etc. and your relationships will be much easier.

It’s one of those truths that is not particularly fun to hear.

All guys want a special lady.

But, if you chase women they will quickly respect,attraction, and interest in you.

Chasing women never actually works.

Instead focus on work and building your life and watch women be easily drawn to you.

Girls will close you instead, and you won’t ever need to chase them ever again!


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