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Men If You Are Younger Than 30 Focus Only On Work and Don’t Chase Women

The paradox of focusing on women is you become less attractive to women.

When you focus on your work you will be channeling your energy into something you desire and you will be more productive that way.

Any success will generate confidence in yourself.

Women are attracted to winners.

Women hate losers.

So, don’t even look in the direction of women.

Don’t even desire women.

Don’t even get attached.

You can make friends, and see their different personalities and see which ones you like.

You can have fun.

That’s it.

They told me this around 18.

I kinda knew it was true, but I kinda didn’t want to believe it as well.

I can confirm it now – it’s a waste of time to waste any energy in dating, relationships, or the opposite pre-30.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rules, but I don’t care about the exceptions.

I want you to make a list of all the things that a woman needs to be happy.

All the things she will expect of you as a man.

Now, how many of those wants-needs can you really say you can meet?

Spiritually speaking it is also dangerous to be interacting with people when you are not in a strong state yet.

Anytime you interact in the physical world when you are in low vibration and you try to get stuff, you run the risk of generating defeats.

The more defeats you get, the harder it becomes to advance.

Just the same as success breeds success.

Losses breed more losses.

Rejection does not make you stronger.

Rejection lowers your self-confidence, and your self-esteem, and creates fear in you.

Confidence and self-acceptance overcome the fear of rejection.

It is actually quite dumb to tell a guy to go get rejected 100 times.

The average guy will just lose confidence in themselves.

They will grow used to seeing rejection.

They will grow to see themselves as not desirable.

They will grow to see themselves as not being good enough or man enough.

The brute force method works, but it is highly risky and very dumb as well.

Let me explain.

Let’s say you look like an 8. And your confidence is a 6. (out of 10).

If you approach 100 women you may get 30 – 40 numbers.

Out of those 30 – 40, you may get like 10-20 dates.

Out of those 10-20 dates, you may get like 1 or 2 2nd dates or more.

Notice how many women you have to process to even get some type of benefit?

By the way, we not even going to talk about keeping the girl. This is all before getting the girl.

Truly friend, if you want love, just buy a dog.

A dog is a pet that loves you unconditionally and doesn’t ask for anything.

The big point is not to get attached or chase women until you are ready.

If you try too soon you are playing a very risky game.

Don’t listen to women.

It doesn’t matter what women say or what women want.

The only thing that matters is you becoming your greatest self.

The right woman will become attracted to that version of you.

What a woman wants or likes is none of your concern.

Most of that is just junk gossip anyways.

When you become the man you were to become you cut through all the noise.

And you radiate all the attractive qualities that help you attract women to your life.

Chasing women sends the signal you have nothing else going for you.

With the exception of the guys with good game, no man should be chasing women.

If you do want a “girl” put that energy into your work and be productive.

That energy you want for a girl is of better use in your work.

And you will have a higher success ratio and also a better chance of finding the right girl for you.

Let’s say you are a musician.

You will attract girls who like your music.

These girls will also like you because they see you on youtube or whatever.

So, now you don’t have to game them up.

You don’t have to explain your value to them.

They already know your value, so they will be qualifying themselves to you.

And this is how you play the ‘game’.

This is one of the biggest reasons people become successful or famous.

It is to make their lives easy.

I got into spirituality to make my life easy.

I wanted money to make my life easy.

Everything I have ever done was to make my life easy.

This is why I spend over 10+ years of self-improvement.

It was to make my life easy.

I don’t know about you but the struggle life is not for me.

Maybe, you like the natural struggles and challenges of life.

More power to you.

You won’t be seeing me though.

To me these people are fools.

They are like people digging for treasure in the dirt.

When the treasure is already in your mind.

That’s the joke.

Everything you want is already inside you.

But, people are so busy wasting their time out in the physical world.

Your main thing for attraction is vibration, sexual energy, mindset, and a few other things.

All of these things have nothing to do with the external.

Paradoxically, if you do get some wins on your belt in the physical this will upgrade your internal world which will get you more wins.

But, once again it’s all internal-based.

Here are the 3 big things I want you to take out of this :

  1. Focus on Yourself/God/or whatever you believe in
  2. Focus on Work – Improve skillset(both inner-outer). Developer attractive qualities. And get money. All of which will make women easier.
  3. Your Vibration – People are attracted to vibration and this is something you have to get down before even interacting with women and people in general.

Another point I am trying to make to you is.

The world isn’t your friend.

Whether the world is an illusion a hologram a simulation or whatever.

Or maybe the world is just a bunch of X Y Z values that we form values to with our self-talk.

Doesn’t really matter.

Without the right mindset and right vibrations, you will be defeated by the world each and every time.

You are doing things the hard way.

And friend, I don’t know about you but I hate hard things.

I don’t chase women.

I don’t have fun with the challenge.

They must be easy and enhance my life in some type of way.

Or they are a distraction and add stress to my life.

The third option is they are just an experience to collect for me to understand the universe better.

You can decide what you want to do, I left you with the general guideline on what is best to do.

I am sure there are a few things I forgot to mention, but I will mention those in a different article when I remember to.


Gerardo Morillo