Narc and Co-dependency

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The Balance of Powers

One day there was two rabbits happily in love. The rabbit would farm and grow tons of fresh and vegetables outside. The most grown vegetables grown is spinach and carrots. The two rabbits were happily in love, they did everything together and they were inseparable. However, as time went by, their were turmoils in the relationship while they were happily married the female bunny developed a weird case of selfishness disorder.

The male bunny while he loved the female knew these behaviors were unacceptable because there is no excuse to abuse someone you love. The female bunny was selfish with the love and greedy. She always wanted more love and demanded more love from the male bunny. The male bunny after a while felt abused in multiple ways. He wanted to know what happen to their love. They were the perfect couple then one day she drank a strange potion and was never the same again.

The male bunny still loved her and so he held on tight to the relationship because they were in fact madly in love and the perfect couple. He figure they could work things out. But, for some strange reason the female didn’t return the same. Normally when one gets injected poison the quickest thing to do is to inject to someone else because it will remove you of the poison.

And the male funny, tolerated many years of abuse by the female and then one day he had enough.

One day he had enough, and he drank some alcohol. The female narc did the usual routine of neglect and not returning love to the male rabbit, and he exploded on the female. He beat the living crap out of her. Raped her and left her scar for life. Her face was bloody like hell.

Strangely, enough, after this incident the female bunny became more silent, and the male bunny became the abuser who controlled the relationship. Relationship tend to swing back and fourth all the time unless there is a balance of energy.

The female bunny was afraid to be left behind, abandoned, that shit shit took the abuse for many years.

This pattern went back and fourth for many years.

Until one day Jesus Christ came in and broke the hypnotic spell and returned love between the two bunnies.

Then the two bunnies woke up like “what happen.”

How did we go from here to there?

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