How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life - Davinci Neptune

How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life

I would like you to imagine people are reading body language as either open or closed. Closed body language sends signals to other people you do not want to be approached and may not want someone to enter your space. If you tend to be on guard on social situations, and you find someone you are attracted to but you are constantly sending the wrong signals. See the wrong signals will push away people you do want to attract, and, make you attract the people you don’t want to attract. To people you do want to allow in your space… Read More »How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life
Social media is taking over the world, let's face it. - Davinci Neptune

The Dangers Of Social Media

Social media is taking over the world, let’s face it. Instead of talking to your fellow man on in real life we are interacting with people online or better stated they “idea” of other person online. Nowadays, most people conduct their social business over the media with other people who are doing the same as well. It is very easy to setup an online profile and reach hundreds, thousands, if not even more. There is obvious advantages to this you can now reach and help more people over the web than you could ever in person. But, what about those… Read More »The Dangers Of Social Media
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How Do You Want To Be Remembered – Davinci Neptune Podcast

In this podcast Davinci Neptune, teaches the importance of being more mindful of your interactions with other people. The way we leave others creates memories inside their minds, and these memories form negative associations with us and negative emotions. Do this enough time and people will be running away from you! Davinci Neptune Recommend Resources Below are resources I recommend, and other self-help resources you can use to help improve your life in any area of your life. These are resources I myself use, and approve of. I only recommend things, I absolutely love, and I know you will love… Read More »How Do You Want To Be Remembered – Davinci Neptune Podcast
The Real Reason Why Women Hate Nice Guys - Davinci Neptune

The Real Reason Why Women Hate Nice Guys

I am sure you have heard the old famous saying “nice guys finish last.” Women are attracted to certain types of traits in a man. A man that is masculine, confident, leadership skills, social skills, etc. A nice guy is usually a “loser” with weak social skills, low level of confidence, and low self-esteem. That’s why women take advantage of the poor nice guy, because they lack the ability to stand up for themselves or set boundaries. As a women value increases and her sense of self-worth increases the more she will despise nice guy. But, it’s not really for… Read More »The Real Reason Why Women Hate Nice Guys
Why Women Try To Strip You Of Your Power

Why Women Try To Strip You Of Your Power

Women will try to strip you of your power especially if she is insecure they will try multiple game playing test to see if you can handle it. They just want to see how you react and what type of guy you are. The more healthy she is as a women the less game playing she will perform. The more immature she is the more games, manipulations, lies, and the more she will try to control you. When it comes to love, love is simply about having fun with your partner. The more games she plays the more immature you… Read More »Why Women Try To Strip You Of Your Power
Love is the dissolving of thee egos

What Is True Love

Love is something we all seek, yet, for most people they don’t know how to give or receive love. A lot of people think of love as a type of possession or a form of control. Love is not about control, power, force, or anything of that nature. Anytime you make someone abandon their freewill to be what you want them to be or force them in a particular way – this is not love. This is a type of slavery. For most people, they want love to look or feel a certain type way. Which is why most people… Read More »What Is True Love
How Social Media Brainwashes you - Davinci Neptune

How Social Media Brainwashes You

You think because they have 1 hour of success that they somehow have perfect lives this is known as overlay or hypnosis. We think one way about someone because of their 10-mins they have on TV, movies, or whatever. Reality is nothing like fairy tale.  Real life is filled with the awkward lulls in between. No one really knows what they are doing people are just winging it in between. But, everyone loves to look like they have all the answers. Everyone loves to look like they have their lives all sorted out and figured out, especially in front of… Read More »How Social Media Brainwashes You
Karma - Davinci Neptune

The Law of Karma – Davinci Neptune

Everything done is done onto God or the Universe. People sometimes think they get away with stuff, but as the saying goes what goes around goes around. This is how the universe maintains equilibrium or balance. Everything will maintain harmony. When I use the word harmony, I speak of energy balance and energy adjustment. I don’t mean harmony as water in the river and it is peaceful. But at the same time, things do go back to a certain degree of balance. Another way to think of it is the balance of the means. What goes up will come down.… Read More »The Law of Karma – Davinci Neptune
Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure - Davinci Neptune

Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure?

With the rise of technology and the increasingly rise of information this leads to question are relationships doomed for failure? Attracting and dating is a hot topic that nearly almost everyone is interested in. This is our core being of procreation and human desire. The question today is our modern world creating a world where relationships are destined to end in breakups. I think in the future relationships will be on the drastic decline unless something happens that balances human consciousness radically. We live in a fast paced world today, and, everything is replaceable. And instantly too. There is an… Read More »Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure?
This is a Lift Mode Review, Davinci Neptune shares his thoughts on Lift Mode. Click the link for more info.

Here Is A Quick LIFT MODE REVIEW | Davinci Neptune

Lift Mode Review This article will be Lift Mode Review, a quick overview on the company, products, and my thoughts and options of the company. I’ve started using Life Mode during a moment in my life while I was suffering a myriad of health issues. And, I gotta say, I fell in love with the company instantly. They provide a wide range of options for different types of health issues. Below, will be my experience with the company products, and what I think of Lift Mode as a whole. Lift Mode Phenibut If you are suffering from anxiety Lift Mode… Read More »Here Is A Quick LIFT MODE REVIEW | Davinci Neptune