Break in Relationship(spiritual)

When someone ask for a break in a relationship YOU MUST RESPECT IT. No ifs, buts or maybe about it. When someone needs space in a relationship it’s because they need time away. Maybe, the relationship is falling apart. Maybe your partner needs space. Maybe, your partner has so much stress going on in his life they feel overwhelmed. When someone says NO, you must respect that. Unless, YOU KNOW FOR SURE, that they are KIDDING. You must always get their consent and permission when it comes to how you exchange your sexual energy and this goes for most things… Read More »Break in Relationship(spiritual)

Why men don’t chase women

Why men don’t chase women Men don’t chase women for the simple fact men are the self-sufficient animal. Women chase men because it is in there best interest to chase. What does that mean? It means women are getting the better deal by chasing the men they love. What does a man get in a relationship? Now, compare that to what a women gets in a relationship? For a men to chase a women she needs to be beautiful, honest, and many other positive virtues. If a women display negative qualities that are not feminine men won’t chase. Men want… Read More »Why men don’t chase women
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Are you emotionally addicted to pains and sufferings?(stuck in the past?)

Are you addicted to pain and suffering? Sometimes, people who been beaten to death in their past lives form an addiction with seeking revenge to other people. They feel betrayed by life and hurt. I myself feel the universe has been against me. Many times in my life, I felt hurt because I was angry at the world. I am doing my best to live and be happy and trying my best to survive. So why is the world making me suffer so much, I would always wonder to myself. Why do I have to suffer. Naturally, this made me… Read More »Are you emotionally addicted to pains and sufferings?(stuck in the past?)
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How to get rid of takers mentality(+vibe)

How to get of taking vibe? People who are desperate they seek for victims to feed on their positive vibes. In spirituality we call them energy vampires. These are people who suck the energy of high positive energy men. When these find a willing host to prey on they go in their energy field and suck them dry of their precious life force without conscent or approval. Which is a criminal offense. They should be murder and slaughtered for messing with other people’s energy without permission(this is the equivalent to rape). To rid of taking the energy vibe simply stop… Read More »How to get rid of takers mentality(+vibe)
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How to deal with loser women

Many women are in fact selfish and are losers. They offer no real value outside of sex. Most of them know this already and they just use their looks to their advantage to manipulate to their perspective or reality. But, outside of their looks they offer nothing of real value. So, when in doubt do without. You don’t need most women on the planet. Most of them won’t be good for you anyways. Most people on the planet are blooder suckers, leeches, and seek to waste your time and resoruces. Am I saying all women are terrible for you? Not… Read More »How to deal with loser women
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Learn how to change your mind

Sometimes there is a problem in the universe that is it not healthy. And you are required to repair the issues you are having. If you feel turmoil inside, then please say something because no one knows what you are going through except for you. If you need help with anything just ask the universe and the universe will guide you in the right direction. The ideal love is unconditional. Yet, we must remember to not be slaves to our wives, children, babies, husbands, or anyone for that matter. If love is not giving freely, and comes with a lot… Read More »Learn how to change your mind
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What to do when you found the perfect partner – Davinci Neptune

Once you find the perfect relationship hold on tight because, you never know when you will find another nearly as good. Think of all the fail relationships you have in the past. Keep in mind a perfect relationship doesn’t always have to be perfect in every single way every minute or second of the day. Their will be conflicts, stress, tensions, qurrels in a relationship. But, what matter most is that the relationship is pure love that demonstrates God’s love and beauty. If you are having issues knowing when someone is loving simply listen to your heart, your feelings, emotions,… Read More »What to do when you found the perfect partner – Davinci Neptune
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Create the work for the person you love – Davinci Neptune

Sometimes, in your live it can be difficult finding motivations for your work. One thing to always remember is what your goals are and what are you trying to accomplish. Another really cool special “hack” is to create the work for the person you love the most. Also, keeping them in your hearts while you create the work for them will amplify the your motivation and productivity for the work you want to create for yourself and the universe. Sometimes, we struggle to find motivations to create for our projects and when you remind yourself what you are trying to… Read More »Create the work for the person you love – Davinci Neptune
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What’s In It For Me?

Everything in life is a trade. We are trading energies, money, time, etc. Even socializing can be considered a kind of trade. We are trading our time-energy for someone’s time-energy. And, if like their energy then we appreciate their time. And will want to continue the relationship with that person and also spend more time with that person. If we do not enjoy their energy then you will either ignore them, or find someone else to talk to. You don’t have time to talk to everyone. You can only give one person time and your energy. And, you will pick… Read More »What’s In It For Me?
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Glimmer of Hope

Life can be painful at times. Going through the daily grind can be challenging, especially if you find yourself going through the same routine. If you get stuck in the same routine, it can definitely create stagnation. That’s why it’s always a great idea to spice things up and try something different. Trying something different will make sure life doesn’t become the “same day” everyday. One thing that will help you in your daily grind is to have something to look forward to. Even if it’s just once a month or once a week. By having something to look forward… Read More »Glimmer of Hope