Preachers VS. Doers

Preachers vs. Doers - Gerardo Morillo - Prosperity Life Hacks

Preaching is easy. Anyone can give advice, tips, and life lessons. Going out there and facing your fears is not. Looking at yourself in the mirror is not. Anyone can preach, as most people do. Because preaching is a lot easier. You safely assume the “superior” position while the others is the one in the fray or in the battle field actually confronting their inner fears.

Once, I watched a show Fear Factor. I remember thinking to myself Joe Rogan has the easy role of motivating or uplifting the players of the show to do these very difficult obstacles. I thought to myself, well, what would happen if he were to be the one doing the obstacle? Would he still be confident?

When you change from different points of views you fully understand the experience and the perspective of the other person. Anyone can preach, everyone preaches. Everyone wants to help other people. This assumption actually says they are lower than you and need your help to begin with. Usually the less selfish person has to comply otherwise the interaction can get really awkward.

When you are out there in the battle challenging your deep weaknesses this is when you can see who you are really are. When one is helping others over come their obstacles they have a very halo like effect, but when the roles are reversed it is not easy as being the one to give advice. Normally, the harder role is more difficult to do, and that is what most people cannot. Most people love the easy roles or fun roles, but the harder the role the harder it is to do.

There are people who talk. There are people who take action. When people are up there uplifting and motivating each other it seems like everyone is some big shot or superstar. But, you can put them to the test real fast. They preach, of XYZ, but when the moment arises they usually are confronted with the difficulty of the challenge. And they realize, I am over here teaching stuff, and I can barely do this either.

This is not to say you should beat yourself up. It’s just to understand. There are different roles. The preachers, the doers, the hybrid(both). One way you can challenge this is to put yourself first in the situation before telling others to do it. This will keep your integrity in check because you yourself live by the example you preach and have experience to back you.

It is very easy to talk. It is very easy to complain and whine, and hope someone comes by and saves you. But, no one will come and save you. Nor, is anyone require to save you. You cannot force people to bend to your will. You cannot force people into a laundry list of XYZ, ESPECIALLY, if you cannot DO IT YOURSELF.

Expect others to give you back what you are willing to give. If you cannot give, you cannot get. Because, the universe reflects you. And the time will come when you will be put to the test. Can you do what you preach or will you crumble and fall? It is a humbling experience. Do not cry, and beat yourself up first. Just realize and understand.

Do you live by the examples you want others to emulate?

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