Silence Is How You Punish Women

Silence Is How You Punish Women - Davinci Neptune - Prosperitylifehacks

Women know they have men wrapped around their finger tips and for the most part they abuse their power over men.

As a respond we men we learn something called “game” to learn how to win.

There is a way to win and a way to lose.

With sex and companionship being the prize or love.

A man who doesn’t learn how to win or play the game will never get love and consequently never get his gene to replicate.

Women are the sort of gatekeepers they will block out low quality sperm from mating with them.

Because their job is to find a suitable mate to replicate with.

Women will only respond to you a positive way when you learn how to control the flow of their moods, states, thoughts, etc.

Silence is one of the best way.

Your ability to walk away from a relationship or from her at any point in time reassures her you are not a desperate, needy, loser, and she doesn’t have any power or control over you.

When you give women the silent treatment she will begin to internalize inside her mind as if she is doing something wrong.

“Why is he ignoring me.”

Normally, as a response she will begin chasing or craving for validation again which forces her to act.

Women usually want to work for men on the contrary to what they normally say.

It’s more “romantic” compared to a straight up relationship.

When she is being rude or behaving in a way you don’t like you can simply choose to ignore her and give her less of your time, energy, and attention.

Women love attention from men.

All women crave attention from men because it validates their sense of self and it makes them feel like a woman.

Because an attractive woman should be getting the attention from men.

Unattractive women don’t get the attractive from men that is the implication.

Attention from men = approval.

It means she has value.

When you pull back from her and ignore her you strip her from all her power and also you let her know she has no power over you.

They will usually be forced to chase again to win the same approval and validation that they lost.

It’s a sort of push-pull yo-yo effect.

Chase-ignore on both sides.

We are dealing with the way people make decisions and determine what to do.

This is the nature of human behavior.

If you give a women too much attention she will deem you to be low quality.

Busy men don’t have much time to give.

And if you are busy she will interpret that to mean you have more value.

Therefore, the less attention you give the more value you have.

If you are too available she will unconsciously determine that to mean you are not productive.

Ironically, as that sounds.

Less is more in this case.

You don’t want to be giving women all your attention, because, she will lose attraction.

Just go slow, build up, live your life and do others things than talk to women and you will notice women will be more interested and attracted to you.

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