Silent The Mind

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The importance of silencing the chatter of the mind cannot be underestimated. There is a lot of noise in the mind that are left over from your childhood. Sometimes, we have thoughts in the background from way back to our younger days. The problem becomes we confuse the voices internally with who we think we are.

Most people don’t realize you can customize your persona as you desire, because all personas live inside of you.

As you dive deeper into your meditations and spiritual practices your consciousness will grow deeper in awareness. You will discover things you never seen before. You will see life in a whole brand new light.

And that is why it’s important to mediate and focus within yourself. That way you can gain wisdom that you never knew existed. if you want to know the secrets to life everything cann be found inside yourself. The deepest treasures are in you. You can think of the mind-body as a sort of cave or temple and withinn side you is the biggest mysteries to life. All mysteries to life can be inside yourself.

The best treasures of life are inside you not external.

Anything you want you can attract and manifest like a magnet. But, you must first silence your mind because when you silence the mind you can become aware of stuff you never knew even exist.

God or source is  always connected always listening to your every word. And just like magic you will create anything you want. If you want to manifest your dream lover, happiness, and lover you can do so by meditating inside.

All that is required of you is that you listen, without judgement. Listen to your body, needs, wants, listen to the voices, listen to your heart, listen to what God is saying to you.

Anxiety is having too many thoughts circulating around. Meditation is the remedy to heal anxiety because it discharges the old energy. Very much like a computer, if you ever press CTRL+ALT+ DELETE you will notice there are plenty of processors running.

In our reality there are energies running in the background that is consuming your energy bank you could say.  Everything is energy, including a thought. And if you want to manifest anything you need to make sure you have together.

I know this one women who just got married, and she started looking online for the best recipes to make a cake. She started looking at the ingredients in order to make a cake. She got some strawberries, whipcream,flour,milk, cream cheese 🙂 and boy that husband was a happy man.

What does this have to do with anything? To manifest any desire you have to have a recipe or a formula. It’s like building a house. Meditation helps you to create the house, and heals anything inside of you. You must create energy and repair energy to become a vibration match to your desire.

For example, let’s say you wanted to attract love, you can’t attract love with a junk food diet. And if, you do it will be a very low quality love.

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