Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more

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Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more

People who are consumed with social status and social hierarchy all want power, authority, leadership, social status in the social game. Because, they are consumed by social status they are naturally connected to everything superficial in the world. Not understanding the social game, is an illusion, something to pass the time and not something to take super seriously.
While hierarchy exist in the human world the same is true in the animal world. But, the issue is not hierarchy per se. The issue is people who are running hierarchy. Can you really trust these people with your lives?
What benefits do you get from being in a social hierarchy? Essentially, hierarchy is designed to make you a slave(or a role you are a match to or desire). Do I think social status or hierarchy is an issue?
Yes and no. There are plenty of hierarchies that are run automatically and everyone is living the lifestyle without questioning much of anything and everyone is doing their duties and climbing up the social ladder. Nothing wrong with this. This is also very common in video games.
The challenge becomes, why are some people so obsessed with social status, authority, leadership position? It is something that consumes them. These type of people you want to avoid like the plague. They will do a wide range of power games to put you in your place and to make you feel inferior. Certain egos are consumed by being perceived as superior, powerful, leader, and these are the type of people you want to be careful about. If they don’t have your best interest in mind, do not just willingly give in to their authority. Rebel against things that are not making you happy(be objective).
No one has the right to make you feel inferior. No one has the right to make you feel small. No one has the right to make you feel worthless. Is that a hierarchy you want to be a part of? And this is the issue with hierarchy, it creates a power dynamic with everyone involved. It also conflicts with everyone’s ego, and conflicts on a biological DNA level. Everyone has an instinct to become a leader, to get more status, power, etc. Why? Because these are things that enhances your survival. Your instincts is giving you clues on what you need to survive and be happy.
There are many places where hierarchies are being ran without much thought. Example: jobs, military, police, etc. And usually, the social structure is ran automatically, so everything is ran smoothly so there is no issue with hierarchy there.
But, I would say this! At some point you want to stop being played by the system. At some point you will want to gain your freedom. At some point enough is enough and you are not puppet or robot for some power hungry monster in the background.
This is why I encourage you rebel! Not on the physical sense, but rebel in the spiritual sense. Physically there is not much we can do about social hierarchy the game is being played and you just have to conform to it whether you like or not. Just play a long until better comes your way.
And who knows maybe you will create your own cult, mlm, or some type of group where you are leading and are making the decisions.
Hierarchy doesn’t need to be an issue. Ego is the issue in the hierarchy system. It’s rather like, do people not understand social hierarchy and social status are merely figments of hallucination.
In short, forget what does not serve you, use anything to your arsenal to help you create the life you want for yourself. Be a part of group and just go through the movements. See how everything operates.
When it’s time to quit you quit. Or, if you have a better idea of the group/organization can be ran then simply leave and make your own group/team/organization with the philosophy you have in mind. 
One last thing if the organization is satisfying your needs and not making you happy then LEAVE you are not required to stay to anything that is of no benefit to you or helping you grow. If they don’t serve your best interest you have every right to be upset. Why because you are there wasting your life , giving your time and energy. It is not fair to you, if these people take advantage of you. 
But, friend I understand…
Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be in the system. Pretend like it exist. Play a long with the game of the universe. That is how you survive in the world.
By playing the game the universe is playing. That or figure how to beat the universe! I wonder if that is possible! It seems like the universe likes to play multiple types of games.
And by mastering the games you level up and the quality of your life only gets better and better.
Davinci Neptune,
With Love

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