How To Brainwash Anyone The Easy Way - Davinci Neptune

How Brainwashing Anyone Is Easier Than You Think – Davinci Neptune

How Does Brainwashing Work? The mind is very sensitive to information. Anything that the moment collects leaves imprints on the brain. This is how advertisements and subliminal work. A commercial ads is attempting to convince you or more specifically bombard your brain with data to make you buy or crave or whatever their goal is. For example, let’s say you watch an ad on pizza, all of the sudden you crave pizza. Then you go buy some pizza. This effectively, is how brainwashing works, they elicited desire onto you, which made you go buy pizza. Previously you had no idea… Read More »How Brainwashing Anyone Is Easier Than You Think – Davinci Neptune
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Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs

Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs Cognitive dissonance occurs when a thought, idea, concept, or belief contradicts an already existing belief. For example, if you believe in Santa Claus, and someone disagrees you might get triggered. The old belief X = Santa is real is being contradicted with a new belief. New Belief Y = Santa Claus is fake. The byproduct is a form of stress on the person who beliefs in Santa Claus. Any time you challenge an idea or a belief of yourself you may experience some stress. People will fight to keep things the same. Particular beliefs about… Read More »Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs
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Leave Childlike Ideas Behind – Davinci Neptune

People have ideas and beliefs in mind that existed for years. They have no idea how and why it’s there only that they believe it to be true. Yet, if they were to challenge that idea of why they think it’s true it would be a difficult one to justify. We humans are not logical creatures, we are more social packed species that work together in groups. We have social instincts that help us know how to behave in social situations, and what to avoid. If we didn’t have this then you can walk up to anyone at any time… Read More »Leave Childlike Ideas Behind – Davinci Neptune

How To End Insecurities

Hideous rats of the night. Be gone and be no more. Peace be still within yourself uplift yourself and put yourself in higher self-esteem. Little one, were you abused and beaten to death as a child. Then you need to see yourself as bigger, and put yourself in higher levels now. Enlarge your inner child because your inner is brutally injured. At times our friends, parents, etc. slow our ability to grow up because they are in certain vibration themselves which contrast other vibrations. When vibrations collash there is a sort of frame battle of vibrations. Then the winner puts… Read More »How To End Insecurities
Fortify Your Castle | Gerardo Morillo |

Fortify The Castle

When are young and alone our frame is fairly on the weak side. What is a frame? Frame is the total subconscious energy you communicate about yourself to others, it is also used to mean the definition you give reality. You can think of your frame as a sort of castle that is strong or weak depending on multiple variables. In this article, we will be discussing particularly how to fortify your frame by collecting the stars or to put simply social proof. Usually, social proof is used in a different type of context altogether, but in this article, we… Read More »Fortify The Castle
How To Create Your Own World

How To Create Your Own World

How To Create Your Own World Dear Master, Once upon a time, there was a castle infested with a swarm of Evil Intruders. These intruders came to the land and start making rules inside the castle. We all are young and subject to the rules of our elders, authority, friends, family and everyone else us. We are young and powerless and can’t really do anything about. These people were not of pure heart. They came in enforced their own beliefs and value. Once upon a time, Africa was peaceful and everyone enjoy their life with the members of their community.… Read More »How To Create Your Own World