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Are You Addicted To Negativity?

When people are walking in auto pilot and in a hypnotic state it becomes very hard to be aware of what we naturally gravitate to and why we behave in a certain type of way. One way to get back to a state of zero is to fast and do without all your old ways. Because as you get back to a balance state you can see yourself in a new light. You will begin to notice the difference between the old you and the new you. This is a sort of detox that helps to break negative cycles. The… Read More »Are You Addicted To Negativity?
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Transform Yourself Into A Positive Leader

Naturally people mature slowly overtime and they become a true leader. It takes time to learn how to lead, but more important how to master oneself. Before you become a “leader” you have to be able to lead yourself or coach yourself and other people. Everyone wants to be a leader for primal and selfish reasons, but, not many people really know how to lead. Some people lead by talking too much. Some people lead by bullying you. A leader needs followers and without followers you are not a leader. In order to be a leader people have to want… Read More »Transform Yourself Into A Positive Leader
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Don’t Be Fooled By Succubus

In ancient times there was a demon women known as Succubus who would take over little boys at night and seduce them. The little boys thought she was the most beautiful women of all. But, just as the little boys would go closer and think they were about to get some succubus would pull out her fangs ever so suddenly and bite them! Then succubus would rape the little boys and kidnap their souls and their souls would be lost in the afterlife for all eternity. THE END! In modern times, we don’t have succubus, but we have the “modern… Read More »Don’t Be Fooled By Succubus
How Thirsty Are You For Sex?

How Thirsty Are You For Sex?

Like it or not women will manipulate the hell out of you if they sense you are desperate for sex. It’s their game, so to speak, and your job as a man is to learn how to play. If you radiate this energy of you are desperate and needy for sex most women will be turned off. Some pretend like they may be interested, but the reality is they will just you for entertainment. How do you get out of this predicament? Take a step back, recover yourself and your pride. Go out and talk to multiple different women, and… Read More »How Thirsty Are You For Sex?
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Never Change For A Women – Davinci Neptune

Most women have ideas of what they think they want. They have a giant laundry list of what they actually believe they want. Attraction is not about what she says she wants, RAW attraction, is about mating. It has nothing to do with what she thinks or says she wants. It is simply mate-ability. You turn her on and she would mate with you. Normally women have ideas think they want in a man – things they say they want. Then they find a man who has those qualities and stuff on the list, but she is not attracted. Why… Read More »Never Change For A Women – Davinci Neptune
Alpha Male Tips- Setting Boundaries Increases her Attraction

Alpha Male Tips: Setting Healthy Boundaries – Davinci Neptune

In this video, Davinci Neptune teaches you why you have to set boundaries with women. It is a must. If you do not, women will lose respect, interest, and attraction with you. Because, of how dating works man must go forward, so setting boundaries can be a bit clumsy. This video explains to why setting healthy boundaries is important and will help you look more attractive to women. Does this mean you have to be an asshole or a bad guy? Not really, but you have to let her know what you are not willing to tolerate. She will respect… Read More »Alpha Male Tips: Setting Healthy Boundaries – Davinci Neptune
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How You Can Create Personal Boundaries

How You Can Create Personal Boundaries? If you wish to set personal boundaries you must learn how to say no. Saying no doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it seem like. Sometimes, one can be afraid to say because for many different reasons. There are lot of fears and reasons about setting personal boundaries that are related. Sometimes, one feels it is unsafe to say no or has issues expressing their own personal wants and needs. If you have issues with asking for what you want chances are it will be difficult to say no to others.… Read More »How You Can Create Personal Boundaries
Fortify Your Castle | Gerardo Morillo |

Fortify The Castle

When are young and alone our frame is fairly on the weak side. What is a frame? Frame is the total subconscious energy you communicate about yourself to others, it is also used to mean the definition you give reality. You can think of your frame as a sort of castle that is strong or weak depending on multiple variables. In this article, we will be discussing particularly how to fortify your frame by collecting the stars or to put simply social proof. Usually, social proof is used in a different type of context altogether, but in this article, we… Read More »Fortify The Castle
How To Create Your Own World

How To Create Your Own World

How To Create Your Own World Dear Master, Once upon a time, there was a castle infested with a swarm of Evil Intruders. These intruders came to the land and start making rules inside the castle. We all are young and subject to the rules of our elders, authority, friends, family and everyone else us. We are young and powerless and can’t really do anything about. These people were not of pure heart. They came in enforced their own beliefs and value. Once upon a time, Africa was peaceful and everyone enjoy their life with the members of their community.… Read More »How To Create Your Own World