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Accept Your Nature

Long ago when you were a child you didn’t have the best of family growing up. You were forced to hold yourself back and surpress multiple parts of who you were. You started to disidentify with who you were and dissociate from your own self. Maybe, you even stepped out of your body a few times. Our upbringing can be a source of umcomfort as it prevents us from maturing to who we really are but, sometimes you must accept the fact that life didn’t give you the best of hand. And now, you are ready to move because you… Read More »Accept Your Nature
How To Create Your Own World

How To Create Your Own World

How To Create Your Own World Dear Master, Once upon a time, there was a castle infested with a swarm of Evil Intruders. These intruders came to the land and start making rules inside the castle. We all are young and subject to the rules of our elders, authority, friends, family and everyone else us. We are young and powerless and can’t really do anything about. These people were not of pure heart. They came in enforced their own beliefs and value. Once upon a time, Africa was peaceful and everyone enjoy their life with the members of their community.… Read More »How To Create Your Own World