cognitive dissonance

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Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs

Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs Cognitive dissonance occurs when a thought, idea, concept, or belief contradicts an already existing belief. For example, if you believe in Santa Claus, and someone disagrees you might get triggered. The old belief X = Santa is real is being contradicted with a new belief. New Belief Y = Santa Claus is fake. The byproduct is a form of stress on the person who beliefs in Santa Claus. Any time you challenge an idea or a belief of yourself you may experience some stress. People will fight to keep things the same. Particular beliefs about… Read More »Cognitive Dissonance – Contradicting Beliefs
Women are manipulative(just accept it) - Davinci Neptune

Women are manipulative(just accept it)

Women are very clever and most women are very sneaky and manipulative. Many women test women with their childish games,  but, once you set a boundary, and call them out on their psychological games, they switch over to victim mentality. Women know they have men wrapped around on their finger tips and can generally get away with whatever they want because they are women. This is not something that most say directly, but, is in fact something they know since childhood. By just being a girl people are more nice to you. The double standard with women is unreal, unfair,… Read More »Women are manipulative(just accept it)