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You Are The Master Of Your Mind

No man is your master. The only master is Jesus Christ whose is heaven(consciousness). The enlighten man knows everything is done through Jesus(the fulfilled desire/right thinking) and once Jesus consciousness is actualized you discover you have all the power within already to manifest any type of life you want. Anything you want you can create so long as you lean the basic rules of mental alchemy. Therefore do away with idols in your mind that you are holding. Negative people, false prophets, fake leaders, fake friends, anything that does not serve you divorce yourself from it this instant. And once… Read More »You Are The Master Of Your Mind
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Society Rewards Winning

In the game of life society rewards only those who make right answers in life. This make sense. This is why you always often see us behave in ways that are not very true to our own nature or “inauthentic.” Society has its own rules and by sticking to the rules (or conformity) you get more rewards and benefits for winning. There is absolutely no reward in losing. Losing in society and the game of life is very much similar to dying. When you make a mistake in social situations do you get rewarded? Do you make friends or family?… Read More »Society Rewards Winning
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Get Rid of These 5 LOW VIBRATION Mistakes Once and For All

Get Rid of These 5 LOW VIBRATION Mistakes Once and For All Hey what’s up friends this is Gerardo Morillo spiritual King and today talk about what are some low vibration normally I like to talk about the positives for the positives are more important than knowing what are the negatives what do they have figure I will speak to you about what are some of the things that you should be avoiding of. Number One:Gossiping Gossiping is by far one of the most Insidious toxic and low vibration thing that you can do I couldn’t not gossiping is really… Read More »Get Rid of These 5 LOW VIBRATION Mistakes Once and For All
Demon Slaying Hypnosis - Face Your Fears - Generate Courage

Demon Slaying Hypnosis

Demon Slaying Hypnosis is the latest session by Gerardo Morillo. The goal behind this hypnosis session is to help you challenge the demons within yourself. The same demons that are crippling you from obtaining your goals. You know what those are. Be ready to face your fears. But, don’t be afraid! Are you afraid? In this video, Demon Slaying Hypnosis, Gerardo Morillo guides you into an ancient cave to help you release your inner powers. Together we will destroy the demons that are holding you back as well as building your ability to believe in yourself. If you like this… Read More »Demon Slaying Hypnosis