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Everyone Has A Monster Inside

Everyone has shadow inside themselves. We all have black and white you cannot have one without the other. In a more idealistic world their wouldn’t be a black side, however, because we live in a imperfect world there is plenty of black inside the hearts of man. Perhaps, black and white are fact two sides of the same coin to give us contrast and a clearer perspective. There are parts of you that you might not like or you feel shamed to have. When we are maturing mistakes are part of the process. Without the mistakes there are no lessons.… Read More »Everyone Has A Monster Inside
Is Love Really The Answer - Davinci Neptune

Is Love Really The Answer?

Ultimately, love is really at the essence of who you are. In our society we are so removed from our soul being. Everything is like junk food. We worship the fast lifestyle and anything that is real and meaningful is not appreciated. This isn’t to say my dear reader that love is the only thing that exist. Everything in our world is manifested as love in a different shade of it. Everyone desires love and how they seek it is the way they are choosing to go about it. We have no choice but to accept it for what it… Read More »Is Love Really The Answer?