Ignore Beautiful Women - Davinci Neptune

Why You Should Ignore Beautiful Women | Davinci Neptune

Beautiful women get approached by hundreds of guys on a daily basis. They are getting free attention and validation from all sorts of directions, so when you as a guy approach a beautiful women you are putting yourself as one of “those guys”. Ironically, this is also why beautiful women don’t find the type of guy they do like. Beautiful women value in the dating market is above the average guy, so when a man approaches a beautiful he is doing so from the position of “lower value”. This also gives beautiful women an ego stroke and it makes them… Read More »Why You Should Ignore Beautiful Women | Davinci Neptune
Alpha Male Tips- Setting Boundaries Increases her Attraction

Alpha Male Tips: Setting Healthy Boundaries – Davinci Neptune

In this video, Davinci Neptune teaches you why you have to set boundaries with women. It is a must. If you do not, women will lose respect, interest, and attraction with you. Because, of how dating works man must go forward, so setting boundaries can be a bit clumsy. This video explains to why setting healthy boundaries is important and will help you look more attractive to women. Does this mean you have to be an asshole or a bad guy? Not really, but you have to let her know what you are not willing to tolerate. She will respect… Read More »Alpha Male Tips: Setting Healthy Boundaries – Davinci Neptune
Davinci Neptune explains why women will test you. Read the full article here.

Alpha Male Tips: Why Women Will Test You – Davinci Neptune

Do you know why women test you or play games? In this video, Davinci Neptune teaches you why they play and great tips and strategies to handle when a women test you. For more alpha male tips and strategies , and, checkout the resources down below. If you like the remember to subscribe, like, and share. Thanks for listening 🙂 Do you want to learn the secrets of becoming an alpha male? Look no further, the resources down below will transform you into the man all women want. Alpha Male: The Ultimate Alpha Male Guidebook Girlfriend Generator: Step by Step… Read More »Alpha Male Tips: Why Women Will Test You – Davinci Neptune
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Health is number 1

During my battle with the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, constipation, hemrroids, abdominal pain, and other horrible side effect I rediscovered the ancient truth of why health is number one. The most important thing in the world is not money; it is health. If you do not have health you have NOTHING. Let me cover a little back story about why I started taking drugs in the first place. I’ve been dating a beautiful girl for months(or what seems like months) or years. Recently we have been going tons of inner turmoils, resistances, power battle dynamic, fight for control,… Read More »Health is number 1

What Do Women Want?

There are plenty of scams in the dating game industry? Why? There are plenty of insecure men who are not getting their needs met when it comes to the opposite sex. Being a man who is free to express your nature without fear is a very attractive quality in today’s time. Part of the challenge is that we have plenty of misinformation about what makes a man. This is a hot topic that people are trying to understand and needless to say put their opinions. Now obviously there is a difference between facts and opinions. People can only give you… Read More »What Do Women Want?
Are you willing to love again?

Are You Willing to Love Again?

Loving someone can be one of the most difficult challenges you can face because you are challenging all your fears, doubts, insecurities, worries, etc. all at once. You are giving your heart away to someone and trusting they won’t hurt you. True love is the nakedness between two people where they drops the games and express themselves fully while being themselves in a pure and organic way. Most relationships start out with the game testing, frame battle, power battle, and drama early on because the two personalities are on auto-pilot play testing themselves in the new context. The dynamic of… Read More »Are You Willing to Love Again?