Are You Ready TO Die For Your Dreams? What are you willing to sacrifice your desires? Gerardo Morillo - Prosperity life hacks

Are You Willing To Give It All To Get Everything?

Are you ready to die for your dreams? If yes you are ready to start a brand new adventure. Get ready to face many obstacles to arrive at the treasures you desire. Overcoming obstacles and fears rewards you with the treasures you desire. The more you obstacles you overcome the better of a life you will earn for yourself. Just think how your friends, family, loved ones can enjoy the new life with the new you. On the other side of your fears, obstacles, trials and tribulations are you desires. Are you willing to challenge yourself face the unknown? If… Read More »Are You Willing To Give It All To Get Everything?
A Magician's Poem | Gerardo Morillo |

A Magician’s Poem | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperitylifehacks

Magician's Poem, by Gerardo Morillo. This is just some occult knowledge and references. It's not just for your entertainment purposes. There is very deep meaning here for all you seekers out there. If you like this be sure to checkout the resources in this article to expand your level of wisdom and attract success in all areas of life.