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Do You Really Make Your Own Decisions? – Davinci Neptune

Humans fool themselves in thinking they are in charge of their lives more than they think they are. Our natural instincts and biology is designed for survival and replication. Our own DNA contains instincts which determines a lot of our feelings and our decision making. Imagine 100 monkeys living in the jungle, the ones who are poor hunters would get least of the meat, possible death, and less of the sex. The best hunters, would get more meat, survival, and more sex. Which would then lead to more of their DNA being passed down to their offspring. Which, will contain… Read More »Do You Really Make Your Own Decisions? – Davinci Neptune
Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure - Davinci Neptune

Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure?

With the rise of technology and the increasingly rise of information this leads to question are relationships doomed for failure? Attracting and dating is a hot topic that nearly almost everyone is interested in. This is our core being of procreation and human desire. The question today is our modern world creating a world where relationships are destined to end in breakups. I think in the future relationships will be on the drastic decline unless something happens that balances human consciousness radically. We live in a fast paced world today, and, everything is replaceable. And instantly too. There is an… Read More »Are Modern Relationships Doomed For Failure?
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Take Control Of Your Ego | Davinci Neptune

Most people are normal…and not trying to compete or beat us in the game of life… Ego, is the drive to be the best and better than the rest. Nothing wrong with this per se, but, when out of control, can be very primitive. Leverage your ego, but don’t it control you. You want to make friends, with it, but not in a way where it is ruling you. Life is about contributing, and helping other people. The leader is the one who is helping others. Everyone has the desire to be the leader. Being the leader gets you most… Read More »Take Control Of Your Ego | Davinci Neptune
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Can You Trust Women?

Can You Trust Women? We are going to get real red pill in this article! No, you can’t ever trust a women. You can’t even trust men for that matter either. But, men are way more trust worth than women. Women are selfish creatures. Women are naturally vain, greedy, selfish, etc. You can say women are programmed to play the social game and to be a part of the social game. So they care a lot about things that are superficial than we men. You see them looking their best, doing  their make up, gossiping, etc. All this is because… Read More »Can You Trust Women?
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Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more

Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more People who are consumed with social status and social hierarchy all want power, authority, leadership, social status in the social game. Because, they are consumed by social status they are naturally connected to everything superficial in the world. Not understanding the social game, is an illusion, something to pass the time and not something to take super seriously.   While hierarchy exist in the human world the same is true in the animal world. But, the issue is not hierarchy per se. The issue is people who are running hierarchy. Can you really trust… Read More »Social Status, Social Game, Hierarchy, more

What Do Women Want?

There are plenty of scams in the dating game industry? Why? There are plenty of insecure men who are not getting their needs met when it comes to the opposite sex. Being a man who is free to express your nature without fear is a very attractive quality in today’s time. Part of the challenge is that we have plenty of misinformation about what makes a man. This is a hot topic that people are trying to understand and needless to say put their opinions. Now obviously there is a difference between facts and opinions. People can only give you… Read More »What Do Women Want?
Accept your nature - Gerardo Morillo - prosperitylifehacks.com

Accept Your Nature

Long ago when you were a child you didn’t have the best of family growing up. You were forced to hold yourself back and surpress multiple parts of who you were. You started to disidentify with who you were and dissociate from your own self. Maybe, you even stepped out of your body a few times. Our upbringing can be a source of umcomfort as it prevents us from maturing to who we really are but, sometimes you must accept the fact that life didn’t give you the best of hand. And now, you are ready to move because you… Read More »Accept Your Nature
Kundalini Gerardo Morillo Prosperitylifehacks

Brilliant Secrets On How TO Awaken Your Kundalini (collections)

Today’s article is a collection of tips and strategies on How To Awaken Kundalini I’ve gained over the week. Over the week I’ve had a burst of spiritual insight. By far the best last few weeks I’ve had spiritually. I am talking astral projections, lucid dreaming, kundalini dances, flying UFOs, Egyptian pyramids, discovering the pillars of reality, and much more. To say I have experienced everything I ever wanted to experience in the last few weeks is underestimate. Below is a quick summary of the insights I’ve gained during my spiritual adventures. These insights will be brief and to the… Read More »Brilliant Secrets On How TO Awaken Your Kundalini (collections)
Share Your Talents With The World | Gerardo Morillo

Share Your Talents With The World

Dear Friend, Wherever you are today God wants to tell you something. He wants to remind you that you are beautiful and possess many talents. Your positive aura is a great sight and God loves just looking at you because God sees beyond the words. He sees a beautiful soul. Maybe in the past you were afraid to share yourself with the world and that’s okay let’s start to make change now. In the past you may have made a few mistakes you were not proud of. And that’s okay because God loves you and Forgives you anyways. God is very… Read More »Share Your Talents With The World
How To Become An Alpha Male | Gerardo Morillo | Prosperitylifehacks.com

How To Become An Alpha Male

In this article, you will learn tips and strategies on How To Become An Alpha Male. Much conversations speak about becoming an alpha male because everyone wants to understand how to gain more power, sex, and how to get more out of life. While much talk out there is a great foundation for how to become an alpha male there are some key missing pieces to the puzzle and here we will go over great tips for you to unleash your inner alpha.