Should Dating Be Hard Work? - Davinci Neptune

Should Dating Be Hard Work?

In the the beginning it will always be difficult, but there comes a point in time when it should become easy. You and the other person naturally like each other and would prefer keeping the other around, as opposed to try to get some one else. Some people, plenty of women think relationships and drama are the same thing. No, not quite. It is more accurate to say that drama does occur in relationships, but they are not the same. A lot of women think dating is supposed to be hard and challenging all the time. And if it is… Read More »Should Dating Be Hard Work?
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Why being disagreeable is unattractive – Davinci Neptune

It shows people you don’t get them. It makes them feel like you are against them. No one wants to speak to people who disagree with them all the time. This isn’t about people pleasing, but friendship is about a connection, a bond, a feeling of trust and you like me and I like you. People who tend to disagree with everything make others feel unwanted and unappreciated, and also misunderstood. One of the quickest way to lose people in your life is to constantly, fight, cause drama, etc. No one consciously think in their heads, I want drama, I… Read More »Why being disagreeable is unattractive – Davinci Neptune
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What is Truth? | Davinci Neptune

Most people have ideas they believe to be true, now if they had to defend their ideas and why they think it’s true they wouldn’t have a real reason for thinking so. Only that it makes sense in their brains. In NLP, this is part of their wires you could say. Their preference way of filtering reality. Now, reality is setup in a way where there are plenty of “truths” some purely subjective, yet many are just ideas we have in mind. The problem becomes we all have different filters going against other peoples’ filters at any given point. This… Read More »What is Truth? | Davinci Neptune
Cry Me A River - Gerardo Morillo - Prosperity Life Hacks

Cry Me A River

Dear Universe, You are very spoiled, and entitled. No one owes you anything. No one owes any favors, nor do they a conversation. Nor, do they owe you any concerns. When people are kind to you, should be thankful and appreciate it. Because, no one needs to do anything for anyone. Bunch of little kids running out thinking someone owes them an interaction, an experience, or any of the sort. Mature adults know how to properly communicate in a matter that is easy going for the recipient party to understand their needs, wants, desires, etc. When one is being wishy… Read More »Cry Me A River
Did You Let Freddy Krueger In Your Home - Gerardo Morillo

Did You Let Freddy Krueger In Your Home?

The reason they think that there so many possession cases because If you fall asleep at night and you have financial worries and anxieties and If you carry those into your sleep that will make you particularly susceptible to demonic forces. You can imagine going to sleep at night full of abundance and peace. This keeps the demon at bay. Why? When you go to sleep your mind stores memories and the sleep process solidifies the memories you could say. When we talk about demons what we mean are before and after. Could you give me an example of this?… Read More »Did You Let Freddy Krueger In Your Home?

Through The Darkness

They can live their world and you can live in your own. Sometimes different worlds are not met to cross. When I was young I use to do love playing a game called Kingdom Hearts traveling through worlds inside the gummie ship. There was a lot of turbulence going from one to the next. It wasn’t always rainbow and sunshine on the otherwise. Once, I got there I was greeted with heartless just waiting to attack me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast the demons out. Then I went to the Final Boss of that world who was always controlling all the… Read More »Through The Darkness